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Friday, April 8, 2016

Everything We Know Is WRONG...On Purpose

Good morning, and Happy Friday!

I've considered writing this piece for some time.

By some time, I mean in terms of YEARS.

The impetus for this is two-fold. First, I went to see VAXXED on April 1. There were showings all day, and I was able to catch one before the sold-out show. I want to thank Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Dr. William Thompson, and especially, Robert de Niro for making this film available.

The second was discovering than processed milk actually works to REMOVE CALCIUM FROM YOUR BONES.

What did I just type?!?

For some reason, the processing of milk works to actually leach the calcium from your bones. Obviously, this is not the case for raw milk...but whom gets raided? Farmer Bob or Sunnydale Farms?

I read and I watch an inordinate amount of Law and Order (mostly the original), and noted that there are cases where a medial professional has caused the death of another. Invariably, their license to practice medicine will be pulled for a number of years. One can commit vehicular murder, and their license will not be summarily pulled.

How is it then, that Andrew Wakefield, to the best of my knowledge, has not killed or has not caused the death of a single person, has had his license REVOKED?!?

Think on that for a second.

He warned about something that is going to bring about an end to America as you and I know it as currently. The current rate of autism is 1 in 55. That rate was 1 in 10,000 not very long ago.

IIRC, that is still the current rate of the Amish.

Are we really going to sit around and do nothing? By current projections, by 2035, 80% of our children will be autistic, with one out of two boys affected, and one year after that, it will be EVERY CHILD BORN.

That is untenable.

One day, as I was buying Tree Ripe juice, a fellow shopper stopped me and noted that the "calcium-infused" juice has a different taste than the standard variety. I agreed with them, but noted to myself, "Well, I'm getting the added bonus of calcium, so I'll deal with it."

Apparently, though, I was not getting anything like a benefit.

Despite mentioning L&O earlier, I have to admit that I'm not a huge TV watcher. I'd rather listen to the radio, mostly WBAI, or some podcasts. I enjoy the Hagmann and Hagmann Show, as well as Dr. Ted Broer, and in listening to them, I've discovered that health is directly related to diet, which is why I am absolutely against GMOs. By their very 'nature', GMOs will always be nutritionally inferior to conventional crops are not even in the same playing field. Recall that chelation serves to restrict nutrients from organisms...that includes US.

Pharmaceuticals are produced for one reason, and for one reason only...profits.

Well, that has to go for everything else out there...and I don't disagree with that. After all, good wishes don't pay the rent, right, Jimmy McMillan?

The thing is, it's a mistake to monetize everything. However, this is what's happened.

I read the blog of Allan Weisbecker, and his overarching theme is discovering HTWW, or "how the world works". You should view his movie, Water Time, or read his essays. He's the one who clued me into John O'Neill's perfidy, as there is no bloody way that he would been put in charge of safeguarding the World Trade Center complex if he were at all the real deal, considering the timing of the events of September 11, 2001.

That would be like Wall Street being saddened by former governor Eliot Spitzer's scandal.

You know, John Milton was right - vanity probably is Lucifer's favorite sin.

Where do I go to from here?

Maybe I front the effort to restore our food back to what it once was...nutritious and beneficial, not as a point of naked profit, with no benefit at all whatsoever for the consumer.

Right there, is the answer.

I'm not a "consumer".

I am a PERSON.


I will NOT be treated as LIVESTOCK.

Don't attempt to feed me SWILL.

Tilapia was offered as an alternative to catfish, but did you know that the majority of tilapia come from factory farms where they are fed pig and duck FECES.


If life were just a big schiesse film, well, this would be a big thumbs-up, I guess...but it's NOT.

You won't believe what I found...I'm fairly certain that this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so don't click here unless you have a cool room.

So, I hope you get the general idea. I could sit here and list all of those things I've discovered to be wrong, but that isn't the purpose of this piece.

It's for YOU to make those determinations on your own, and refuse to accept anything less.