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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sign This Petition To Stop Glyphosate From Being Renewed

Good morning, dear readers!

I am updating from a hospital bed, so this will be quick and dirty.

I was sent a link to the following petition, which I signed. I hope that you'll add your names, as well.

I hope to be back with more updates soon...any news from your local Marches Against Monsanto? Feel free to comment below.

Update: Happy Memorial Day!

First, a repost:

Monsanto have deleted the Gene HMDB25030 from all their patented food and feed seeds and their patented vegetables foods and it is missing from nearly all processed food as well because it breaks down at 210F during the preparation of processed foods. It is the compound that represents most of the Immune System of Plants and the ONLY compound in foods that our Immune System incorporates directly into our Immune and Cellular Repair Systems to protect Neutrophils internally from the compounds produced to Kill Bacteria and Process Vaccines.

It is responsible for the production, in Human and all mammalian metabolic systems, of a Single Antioxidant, Thiocyanate (HMDB01453), which is the ONLY antioxidant the Immune System can utilize inside of Neutrophils to Process Vaccines, Remove Heavy Metals (including viruses and even readioactive particles in the presence of Iodide), repair wounds, kill bacteria, rebuild muscles, repair aging host cells, kill cancer cells before they can divide out of control and much, much more.

A normal Minimum Daily Requirement of HMDB35030 in the diet would be 1 mg. per 3 pounds of body weight from vegetables and food grains (non-GM, non-GMO and non-processed foods including soy baby formulas and baby food in jars have NONE now).

A 2014 study done to check Amygdalin Content of Foods in the UK clearly shows less than a few 100ths of what should be in the foods listed instead of the naturally occuring amounts which should fall between .1- 17 mg. per gram of food. Statistically, because of the wide variance of HMDB35030 content of the many foods tested, there should be a similar ratio in the processed foods but they are consistantly Completely Devoid of the Essential Nutrient across the variety spectrum.
The undeniable importance of Thiocyanate in the Human Metabolic System is clearly detailed in this well done research:

Where has all the HMDB35030 and the resulting Essential Metabolic Compound HMDB01453, Thiocyanate gone and why? The ‘why’ is Trillions of dollars in profit for the medical industry made in treating the symptoms of Thiocyanate Deficiency in Vaccine Induced Child Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, MS, Cystic Fibrosis, Fibromyaglia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s, and many other diseases with ‘unknown causes’ related to the dysfunctional neutraphils which self-destruct in the presence of a Thiocyanate Deficiency.

I'll end with my own mini-rant on glyphosate:
Glyphosate...the only reason I can determine that millions of tons of this crap being sprayed onto our crops and into our soil is that it makes us taste good to...something.

We really don't need to dedicate crops to this point, considering that an inordinate amount of crop yield gets wasted in silos, during transport, etc. - and people aren't really suffering from gluten intolerance. If anything, the introduction of glyphosate to our ecosystem needs to be more thoroughly researched.

Obesity? Not an issue until the introduction of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

This actually needs to be added to my GM No! blog...anyway, I do hope that you are all able to enjoy the latter half of this Memorial Day!

Don't forget as to whom this holiday honors...give s salute to our boys!

If you are of the contingent assisting our boys during Fleet Week, give the boys an extra squeeze. okay?