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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Justice Unserved - The Seth Rich Story As I Know It

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Sean Hannity kept his promise to the family of Seth Rich, as well as to all of us "Deplorables", and opened his show with the mention of the case, Thanks, brother! Let's take care of your "light work", as is said...but there's NOTHING "light" about the tale I'm about to regale.

Seth Rich worked for the DNC. He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and presumably looked to the Independent senator from Vermont to be a viable candidate, and hopefully, a great President, Alas, that was not to be, due to the machinations of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and a host of others. Seth discovered, much like the rest of America, that the DNC GAMED THE SYSTEM in favor of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. The difference was that Seth had IRONCLAD PROOF, in juxtaposition to my surmises and available evidence to the contrary that Hillary could attract a crowd of flies, much less supporters.

If I haven't yet adequately explained how the infamous server sitting in Chappaqua had been set up, let me attempt to rectify that possible shortcoming, If you've an email account, you know that a password is required. Now, you check your email more than once a day, so constantly applying your password might eventually drive you slightly mad, so an option is available for the device/application to save your password, as you would indicate that you (or a trusted delegate) are the only individuals accessing said device. That said, the device does not know if anyone not authorized to access said data is doing so...nor does it care. A tool is a tool, and nothing more. Hillary's emails were set up on that server to be accessible to anyone whom could successfully type into a navigation toolbar the URL

That's all you needed to do, Run a remote desktop application, with credentials supplied once the check cleared, and you had whatever juicy crap these filthy bastards whom purport to represent us wallow in at our expense...and our peril.

No chamois needed (pronounced shammy)

Seth was most likely disgusted at the sleight-of-hand, the political Three Card Monty being played upon We The People, he obtained some data, created an alias (Panda), and made contact with Kim Dotcom, If you'll recall Julian Assange (congratulations on being cleared of the scurrilous rape charges) discussing Seth Rich and a very tenuous connection to the story is being told.

Seth had unfortunately left a footprint when obtaining the data, and the involved participants had decided that extreme measures would have to be undertaken. You will see that exemplified in an email by John Podesta. Seth went out drinking on the last night of his life. The bar he frequented figures greatly into the story of his assassination. Seth was reportedly on his way to a second bout of drinking at an adjacent establishment when he was shot in what has been officially reported as a "robbery", but is ridiculous on its face. If what would usually be a possibly violent, but generally non-fatal encounter with thieves, it is customary that the thieves divest you of your goods.

What robbery ends with the victim dead, yet NOT ROBBED?!?

ShotSpotter is said to have been set up at the time, and supposedly, it has the incident recorded. I'd love to get a crack at that...but I digress.

Now, what I have just regaled is what has been generally known. What I was not aware of was that Seth did not die at the scene!

Seth died over an hour later at the hospital. Someone working at the facility was surprised that he did not survive. That information was accessed by way of "WEAPONIZED AUTISM"; 'nuff said as of now.

Seth's laptop was confiscated. Not a standard move, wouldn't you agree?

The family hired an investigator, whom discovered many of the details I am now able to share with you...but he only recently released a curious detail that cemented things for me.

The investigator received a call from Donna Brazile. What did this conversation entail? Everything points to INTIMIDATION.

Kim Dotcom responded to a question tweeted by Sean Hannity, and that apparently was what got the ball rolling for his broadcast on Tuesday evening, May 23, 2017.

It has been discovered through perusal of the emails that the utterly false "Russian hacking" meme replete throughout PRACTICALLY EVERY BROADCAST STATION ON TELEVISION AND RADIO WAS HASHED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP SECURING THE ELECTORAL VOTE ON THE LATE HOURS OF ELECTION DAY 2016.

How's that for a story?

Hopefully, shortly following publication of this piece, the "Russian hacking" meme can die the death it has long deserved...a death Seth Rich and his family do not deserve.

Rest In Peace, brother. We The People demand justice.

We will get justice for you and your family.

We The People will not suffer witches to live.

UPDATE: The family of Seth Rich is SUING FOX News?!?

UPDATE/FULL DISCLOSURE: I had been offered an invite to a panel on CENSORSHIP started by Victurus Libertas, but that was predicated on the mistaken assumption that my YouTube files had been DELETED.

I was mistaken; the videos were merely associated with an account to which I hadn't access to at the time.

That sounds a tad flaky, but when I tell you that 42 years of my life has now DISAPPEARED, as everything I possessed was DISCARDED IN A STORAGE CONTAINER I COULD NO LONGER PAY FOR, CONSIDERING I HAVEN'T BEEN EMPLOYED FOR WHAT WILL SOON BE TWO YEARS, you may understand my confusion at the time. I'm talking about a comic book collection in excess of 15,000 books (many of them signed and/or autographed); a dozen computers and assorted peripherals; my books and magazines, my pet rock from camp when I was 12; need I go on?

I did note that, above, in this very piece, that I have experienced a form of censorship, as the podcast I attempted to link was...REPLACED...WITH A LINK TO AN AFRICAN SAFARI.

Sound like anything I've ever written about?!?

You know it isn't.

Hey, SCUMBAGS!!! You BASTARDS didn't bloody get me yet!!! You've got NOTHING!!! I'M COMING TO BEAT YOUR ASSES...WITH THE TRUTH!!! You won't allow me to earn a living? Well, I'll just concentrate on EXPOSING YOU SHOWER OF TWUNTS TO THE WORLD.

Hey, Baretta! Let's school these nitwits!

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