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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Justice Unserved - The Seth Rich Story As I Know It

Good day, dear readers! Long time, no bloggy, huh?

I'm certain that I explained that my time is spent blogging to MINDS, Come by for a visit, or join me! If  you value FREE SPEECH, this is the site for you! Like Facebook, you can use a browser, or download the app (Andriod and iOS, natch!) Seen.Life is okay, but no app :(

Listen to me on Spreaker! (I just realized that there was a weird link embedded here! I don't remember ever perusing such a link...the plot thickens! This means you may have never heard this podcast!)

Sean Hannity kept his promise to the family of Seth Rich, as well as to all of us "Deplorables", and opened his show with the mention of the case, Thanks, brother! Let's take care of your "light work", as is said...but there's NOTHING "light" about the tale I'm about to regale.

Seth Rich worked for the DNC. He was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, and presumably looked to the Independent senator from Vermont to be a viable candidate, and hopefully, a great President, Alas, that was not to be, due to the machinations of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and a host of others. Seth discovered, much like the rest of America, that the DNC GAMED THE SYSTEM in favor of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. The difference was that Seth had IRONCLAD PROOF, in juxtaposition to my surmises and available evidence to the contrary that Hillary could attract a crowd of flies, much less supporters.

If I haven't yet adequately explained how the infamous server sitting in Chappaqua had been set up, let me attempt to rectify that possible shortcoming, If you've an email account, you know that a password is required. Now, you check your email more than once a day, so constantly applying your password might eventually drive you slightly mad, so an option is available for the device/application to save your password, as you would indicate that you (or a trusted delegate) are the only individuals accessing said device. That said, the device does not know if anyone not authorized to access said data is doing so...nor does it care. A tool is a tool, and nothing more. Hillary's emails were set up on that server to be accessible to anyone whom could successfully type into a navigation toolbar the URL

That's all you needed to do, Run a remote desktop application, with credentials supplied once the check cleared, and you had whatever juicy crap these filthy bastards whom purport to represent us wallow in at our expense...and our peril.

No chamois needed (pronounced shammy)

Seth was most likely disgusted at the sleight-of-hand, the political Three Card Monty being played upon We The People, he obtained some data, created an alias (Panda), and made contact with Kim Dotcom, If you'll recall Julian Assange (congratulations on being cleared of the scurrilous rape charges) discussing Seth Rich and a very tenuous connection to the story is being told.

Seth had unfortunately left a footprint when obtaining the data, and the involved participants had decided that extreme measures would have to be undertaken. You will see that exemplified in an email by John Podesta. Seth went out drinking on the last night of his life. The bar he frequented figures greatly into the story of his assassination. Seth was reportedly on his way to a second bout of drinking at an adjacent establishment when he was shot in what has been officially reported as a "robbery", but is ridiculous on its face. If what would usually be a possibly violent, but generally non-fatal encounter with thieves, it is customary that the thieves divest you of your goods.

What robbery ends with the victim dead, yet NOT ROBBED?!?

ShotSpotter is said to have been set up at the time, and supposedly, it has the incident recorded. I'd love to get a crack at that...but I digress.

Now, what I have just regaled is what has been generally known. What I was not aware of was that Seth did not die at the scene!

Seth died over an hour later at the hospital. Someone working at the facility was surprised that he did not survive. That information was accessed by way of "WEAPONIZED AUTISM"; 'nuff said as of now.

Seth's laptop was confiscated. Not a standard move, wouldn't you agree?

The family hired an investigator, whom discovered many of the details I am now able to share with you...but he only recently released a curious detail that cemented things for me.

The investigator received a call from Donna Brazile. What did this conversation entail? Everything points to INTIMIDATION.

Kim Dotcom responded to a question tweeted by Sean Hannity, and that apparently was what got the ball rolling for his broadcast on Tuesday evening, May 23, 2017.

It has been discovered through perusal of the emails that the utterly false "Russian hacking" meme replete throughout PRACTICALLY EVERY BROADCAST STATION ON TELEVISION AND RADIO WAS HASHED WITHIN 24 HOURS OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP SECURING THE ELECTORAL VOTE ON THE LATE HOURS OF ELECTION DAY 2016.

How's that for a story?

Hopefully, shortly following publication of this piece, the "Russian hacking" meme can die the death it has long deserved...a death Seth Rich and his family do not deserve.

Rest In Peace, brother. We The People demand justice.

We will get justice for you and your family.

We The People will not suffer witches to live.

UPDATE: The family of Seth Rich is SUING FOX News?!?

UPDATE/FULL DISCLOSURE: I had been offered an invite to a panel on CENSORSHIP started by Victurus Libertas, but that was predicated on the mistaken assumption that my YouTube files had been DELETED.

I was mistaken; the videos were merely associated with an account to which I hadn't access to at the time.

That sounds a tad flaky, but when I tell you that 42 years of my life has now DISAPPEARED, as everything I possessed was DISCARDED IN A STORAGE CONTAINER I COULD NO LONGER PAY FOR, CONSIDERING I HAVEN'T BEEN EMPLOYED FOR WHAT WILL SOON BE TWO YEARS, you may understand my confusion at the time. I'm talking about a comic book collection in excess of 15,000 books (many of them signed and/or autographed); a dozen computers and assorted peripherals; my books and magazines, my pet rock from camp when I was 12; need I go on?

I did note that, above, in this very piece, that I have experienced a form of censorship, as the podcast I attempted to link was...REPLACED...WITH A LINK TO AN AFRICAN SAFARI.

Sound like anything I've ever written about?!?

You know it isn't.

Hey, SCUMBAGS!!! You BASTARDS didn't bloody get me yet!!! You've got NOTHING!!! I'M COMING TO BEAT YOUR ASSES...WITH THE TRUTH!!! You won't allow me to earn a living? Well, I'll just concentrate on EXPOSING YOU SHOWER OF TWUNTS TO THE WORLD.

Hey, Baretta! Let's school these nitwits!

Oh...and if you'd like to help out a TRUTHTELLER; here you go:

Monday, April 10, 2017


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States has concluded Russia knew in advance of Syria's chemical weapons attack last week, a senior U.S. official said Monday...

Where do I begin?!?

Screw it...if it's gonna be war, LET US WIN.

I have a mission for you all - look up Scott Gottlieb.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

GMO Foods, Glyphosate, Autism & Obesity - Stephanie Seneff

Published on Jul 7, 2016
Welcome to Episode #147, with Stephanie Seneff, PhD. This interview was filmed in May of 2015 for the Autism Intensive interview series.

I received so many positive emails about her discussion on the Autism Intensive that I wanted to repost the interview for free.

➢ Connect with Dr. Seneff:

➢The Autism Intensive:

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--------------------------------------Key Takeaways----------------------------------

02:18 Glyphosate on Crops
03:05 Human Consumption of Glyphosate
04:35 History of Glyphosate
05:50 Glyphosate/Disease Correlations
06:38 Tracking Potential Causes of Autism
09:21 Gut Microbes and Glyphosate
10:13 New Glyphosate Product:
There are certain weeds that are coming that are so resistant, they just can't put enough glyphosate on there to kill them. This is a reason why the glyphosate is going up. Well, they’re saying, we’ve go to put another toxic chemical with that glyphosate to kill the weeds. 2,4-D is a component of agent orange. It's a regulated herbicide. It’s supposed to be much more toxic than glyphosate.
11:18 Testing/Studying Toxins in Humans (Long Term)
Seralini did a study. He studied rats over the entire lifespan. Three months things look pretty good. Four months start to see problems. Whole lifespan you get early death. You get mammary tumors. You get liver and kidney damage. You get reproductive problems. All these things show up after three months.
13:31 Oxalic Acid and Kidney Function
15:51 Preventing Glyphosate Exposure
19:32 Diseases Linked to Glyphosate Exposure
20:13 Bone Health and Glyphosate
22:01 Obesity, Toxins and Glyphosate
28:32 Glyphosate and the Gut Microbiome
30:34 Confined Animal Feeding Operations and Antibiotics
32:11 Glyposate and Gut Permeability (Leaky Gut)
36:24 Glyphosate and Methylation (MTHFR)
38:15 Folic Acid, Folate and GMO Foods
49:48 Estrogen Disruption and Glyphosate

Monday, April 3, 2017

Autism State Of The Union 2017 (Full Documentary)

ublished on Jan 14, 2017
"Autism: State of the Nation" is a new film by Tim Kelly that highlights Autism, the potential causes, impacts on society and scientific advancements helping to cure Autism. In order to find a cure, it may be helpful to know the cause. This film focuses on that issue.
Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has become an epidemic in America. 1 in every 68 Children born are affected with Autism.
After producing a Video to celebrate The Timothy’ School’’s 50Th Anniversary, the filmmaker was inspired to further understand the potential cause (s) of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
This documentary film explores the usual suspects like Vaccines and takes a surprise turn towards GMO’s, the Global Food Supply, Glyphosate (Roundup) and Governmental Policy. This Film aims to educate and get to the truth. Please share and get the word out.

Special Thank You to:

Autism One
Autism Speaks
Stephanie Seneff
Robyn O’Brien
Zen Honeycutt
Thierry Vrain
Anthony Samsel
Wendy Myers
Dr. Mercola
MaryAnn Williamson
Robert DeNiro
Zac Bush, M.D.
Jenny McCarthy
Donald Trump
The Timothy School
Dr. Robert Naseef
All Of The Parents Who have the courage to deal with this.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jim Stone Offers A Solution To The Vaccine "Problem"

There is a despicable (replacing the original word used with SCUMBAG) who has released a major report about how YES, vaccines are triggering auto immune disorders and autism, and then he blames it all on ALUMINUM!!!!!!!!! What more do you expect?

Here is the solution: Ban ALL vaccines grown in human tissue cultures, and ban ALL vaccines that use adjuvants. How do you turn a small batch of legitimate vaccines that seldom did harm (like what we had 40+ years ago) into a huge profit making shipment that cost practically nothing, but still triggers an immune response?

ANSWER: Mix it with adjuvants - materials that cause the immune system to act against the small amount of legitimate vaccine strongly. So what if it is a critical material like Squalene, or something else the body uses as a basic building block? If you make more money and you are a total prick, one kid out of 50 being completely wiped out by autism is completely worth it, and 20 or so more out of that 50 that get nailed by auto immune disorders will be there in your pocket for life, filling it with money, buying more of your products to help them deal with the destruction you caused! Come on now, there are LOTS of people who think that way! What about the crack head who rips apart a $3,000 vending machine to get to a coin box that has $20 in it? Who cares if you do totally disproportionate damage to get a little cash if it never comes back to haunt you! And if you own the repair shop that fixes the vending machines, it would pay even more to go out and steal a few coin boxes yourself! THAT is the state of American medical. And if any report you read does not say anything about BIOLIGICAL adjuvants and human tissue and/or GMO viruses in vaccines doing the damage, no matter how well it approaches the truth, if it points at a different culprit it is a SCAM REPORT PURE AND SIMPLE, which is intentionally done to drive people away from the real reasons why vaccines are so damaging.

If the tribe can keep us diverted long enough, TRIBE CAN GET THEIR ULTIMATE VICTORY BY DESTROYING SO MANY OF US THAT WE ARE TOO CRIPPLED TO EVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE AGAIN. This is exactly one such report that I am talking about, the publisher is either rock stupid or a complete fraud! Yep, you'll NEVER see Google, Facebook, or the MSM come out against this report, because it is a diversion down a cattle trail and off a cliff! QUESTION: How can a "toxic metal" trigger an auto immune response against a key oil, protein, or cell structure? Answer: Despite the magnificent word wrangling and spewing of terms to explain it, IT CAN'T, and therefore the entire "auto immune" premise of that report is fraudulent. The only thing a toxic metal can do is DIRECT DAMAGE, that will most likely heal at least partially later.

Obviously I would not want mercury or aluminum injected into me, but I'd sure as HELL take that before I'd accept a genetically engineered attack virus or human tissue that will trigger a permanent and unrecoverable auto immune caused brain disorder, or a biologically based adjuvant that will do the same! The report says not one word about fetal cell cultures, biological adjuvants, or GMO attack viruses. All of this is provably in vaccines, and all of those are provably potentially destructive. If it does not utter a peep about that while talking about auto immune disorders, it is absolutely FRAUDULENT.

Fact: Vaccines that use peanut oil as an adjuvant will trigger peanut allergies in many people who get vaccinated with a vaccine that uses it. Vaccines grown in animal tissue can trigger allergies to dogs and cats. And vaccines grown in human tissue can trigger an immune reaction against yourself, that's a no brainer, and if you get shot up enough, you will probably not have a brain. You simply cannot inject a pathogen in the presence of any foreign human material and expect consistent, good results! My reports on this are just as certified as any Jewish doctor spewing lies and diversions, because my reports are backed up by similarly papered people, which in my case are not the enemy! Just because a web site has "green" in the title and claims to be alternative/wholistic does not mean it is not set up as a false front to push outrageous well worded fraud!

I'm having so much fun on MINDS! You really should join in the fun and education! I want to get serious regarding a clear and present danger: NAGALASE.

Nagalase is the compound directly responsible for the discomfort one feels when inflammation occurs. When the body requires Vitamin D3 in response to an immune trigger, and doesn't receive it, it instead converts the infection-fighting enzymes into nagalase, which in turn, triggers cytokines storms. You should really hear Dr. Ted Broer tell it:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Coincidence? Monsanto Patented Glyphosate as an “Antibiotic” Drug, Claiming Weed Killer is Medicine

Just because you may ignore politics, it doesn't mean that POLITICS WILL IGNORE YOU.

That's just something I've picked up on my travels.

Let's go (let me know if that button works, okay?):

Coincidence? Monsanto patented glyphosate as an “antibiotic” drug, claiming weed killer is medicine
Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by: Vicki Batts Tags: antibiotic resistance, glyphosate, Roundup
This article was printed from:

(Natural News) While you’d be hard pressed to find anyone willing to use a known herbicide for medicinal purposes, that hasn’t stopped Monsanto from patenting the star ingredient of their flagship herbicide, Roundup, as a type of antibiotic. In 2003, the corporate giant first submitted a patent for glyphosate as a parasitic control-type antimicrobial agent — or, in other words, a type of antibiotic.
The patent was granted in 2010, and you can view it here. Monsanto patented the combination of glyphosate and polyvalent anion oxalic acid as a method for preventing and treating pathogenic infections like malaria. As the patent explains, parasites from the phylum of Apicomplexa are often responsible for diseases in humans and other animals — and glyphosate is capable of inhibiting the growth of these parasites.
This patent certainly brings even more concerns about the impending Bayer-Monsanto merger, but  more importantly, it raises a significant question: is glyphosate contributing to the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria?
Study finds glyphosate causes antibiotic resistance
Recent research has revealed that the herbicide could indeed be a contributing factor to the“superbug” epidemic that is being seen around the world. Scientists from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand have piloted new research that shows glyphosate is not just an herbicide, but a potential vector for antibiotic-resistant disease.
The study is the first of its kind. Professor Jack Heinemann, from the university, says that while herbicides may be tested for their ability to kill bacteria, they are not tested for what other effects they may have on microbes.
“We found that exposure to some very common herbicides can cause bacteria to change their response to antibiotics. They often become antibiotic resistant, but we also saw increased susceptibility or no effect. In most cases, we saw increased resistance even to important clinical antibiotics,” Heinemann commented.
The professor went on to explain that their results were so surprising that they enlisted another researcher from a different institution to conduct the same exact experiments in a different environment and without knowing exactly what she was adding to the bacteria, to help ensure the validity of their findings. The research conducted at Massey University yielded the same results as that done by the University of Canterbury.
According to the researchers, the effects they uncovered would be relevant to people and animals who are exposed to pesticides used in similar concentrations to that of what was tested. While the amounts used by the team were of greater concentration than what is currently supposed to be allowed in food — as we all know, the amount of glyphosate residue in and on food often surpasses what is deemed “permissible.” [RELATED: Keep up with the latest herbicide scandals at]
As antibiotic resistance continues to grow, the threat that glyphosate poses simply cannot be ignored. The effects of herbicides like glyphosate can have on bacteria are very real — especially given the chemical’s tendency to be intentionally misused by farmers as a desiccant.
Does glyphosate alter healthy bacteria in the gut, too?
Pathogenic bacteria are not the only microbes susceptible to the ill effects of glyphosate. The bacteria that reside in the human gut can also be harmed by the toxic herbicide. The very same shikamate pathway that glyphosate uses to target weeds and pathogenic bacteria species is the same pathway it would use to destroy the friendly and beneficial bacteria that inhabit the intestinal microbiome. This, of course, would come with its own host of adverse health effects.
There is no reason to believe that if glyphosate is capable of killing or altering one type of bacteria, that it would not harm other bacteria via the same pathway. Some research has already alluded to the potential for glyphosate to wreak havoc on the human digestive system. Given that the microbiome is of great importance to overall human health, findings such as this are not surprising: if glyphosate is killing off intestinal bacteria, it stands to reason that may be the first point of disease. Furthermore, some research has shown that glyphosate is capable of altering gut bacteria in other animals — for example, in 2014 German scientists found that glyphosate negatively affected the gut bacteria of cows.
It seems that the more we learn about glyphosate, the more dangerous it becomes.

See more articles like this at:

So...what are your feelings, now that's there's IRONCLAD PROOF of mass intercepts of our data...ALL OF OUR DATA?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Can't Get Natural News? Come Here!

 Just for laughs, search for any subject along with Natural News. See what happens.
The page you're viewing now, as well as 140,000+ other pages from Natural News, have all been CENSORED by Google due to a "human decision" to silence this entire website. Google's abuse of monopoly power to suppress human knowledge must be stopped.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION NOW (now 55K! and rising) and demand an investigation into Google's discriminatory censorship.

Google refuses to provide any evidence to justify blacklisting Natural News
How Google LIED | PROOF: HuffPo, BuzzFeed, Forbes, CNN violations ignored by Google
I'm going to add a feed for Mike Adams' site. Easy peasy.

How about what they did to Alex Jones?

You know what I smell?

Desperation on the cusp of MADNESS.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Why We Need to KO the GMO with Don Huber

Published on Jun 14, 2016
Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus of Plant Pathology at Purdue University, holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Idaho, a Ph-D from Michigan State University, and is a graduate of the US Army Command & General Staff College and Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He was Cereal Pathologist at the University of Idaho for 8 years before joining the Department of Botany & Plant Pathology at Purdue University in 1971. His agricultural research the past 55 years has focused on the epidemiology and control of soilborne plant pathogens with emphasis on microbial ecology, cultural and biological controls, nutrient-disease interactions, pesticide-disease interactions and techniques for rapid microbial identification. On today’s episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave and Dr. Huber talk about glyphosates, GMOs, natural mycotoxins, fertility, concerns for the global population, biological system and more. Enjoy the show!

Fresh Books code: Bulletproof Radio
Letter to Secretary Vilsack -
Steve Druker’s Altered Genes -
GMO Myths and Truth -
Nancy Swanson’s GMO work -

Glyphosate -
Chelators -
clostridium botulinum -
clostridium perfringens -
bifidobacteria -
Fusarium toxins -
Humic Acid -
Manganese -

Bulletproof Coffee -
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Read and download this transcript here:

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Monsanto's Roundup To Be Labeled A CARCINOGEN!!! (Re-Post from Mint Press News)

Monsanto Stunned – California Confirms ‘Roundup’ Will Be Labeled “Cancer Causing”

Monsanto was seemingly baffled by the decision to place cancer-causing glyphosate on the state’s list of nearly 800 toxic chemicals.
    • Google+
    Monsanto herbicide to be sprayed on food crops. (Photo from the USDA via Wikimedia Commons)
    Monsanto herbicide to be sprayed on food crops. (Photo from the USDA via Wikimedia Commons)
    (ANTIMEDIA) Sacramento, CA — California just dealt Monsanto a blow as the state’s Environmental Protection Agency will now list glyphosate — the toxic main ingredient in the U.S.’ best-selling weedkiller, Roundup — as known to cause cancer.
    Under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 — usually referred to as Proposition 65, its original name — chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm are required to be listed and published by the state. Chemicals also end up on the list if found to be carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — a branch of the World Health Organization.
    In March, the IARC released a report that found glyphosate to be a “probable carcinogen.”
    Besides the “convincing evidence” the herbicide can cause cancer in lab animals, the report also found:
    “Case-control studies of occupational exposure in the U.S.A., Canada, and Sweden reported increased risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma that persisted after adjustments to other pesticides.”
    California’s decision to place glyphosate on the toxic chemicals list is the first of its kind. As Dr. Nathan Donley of the Center for Biological Diversity said in an email to Ecowatch, “As far as I’m aware, this is the first regulatory agency within the U.S. to determine that glyphosate is a carcinogen. So this is a very big deal.”
    Now that California EPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has filed its notice of intent to list glyphosate as a known cancer agent, the public will have until October 5th to comment. There are no restrictions on sale or use associated with the listing.
    Monsanto was seemingly baffled by the decision to place cancer-causing glyphosate on the state’s list of nearly 800 toxic chemicals. Spokesperson for the massive company, Charla Lord, told Agri-Pulse that “glyphosate is an effective and valuable tool for farmers and other users, including many in the state of California. During the upcoming comment period, we will provide detailed scientific information to OEHHA about the safety of glyphosate and work to ensure that any potential listing will not affect glyphosate use or sales in California.”
    Roundup is sprayed on crops around the world, particularly with Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready varieties — genetically engineered to tolerate large doses of the herbicide to facilitate blanket application without harming crops. Controversy has surrounded this practice for years — especially since it was found farmers increased use of Roundup, rather than lessened it, as Monsanto had claimed.
    Less than a week after the WHO issued its report naming glyphosate carcinogenic, Monsanto called for a retraction — and still maintains that Roundup is safe when used as directed.
    On Thursday, an appeals court in Lyon, France, upheld a 2012 ruling in favor of farmer Paul Francois, who claimed he had been chemically poisoned and suffered neurological damage after inhaling Monsanto’s weedkiller, Lasso. Not surprisingly, the agrichemical giant plans to take its appeal to the highest court in France.
    It’s still too early to tell whether other states will follow California’s lead.
    This article (California Just Announced It Will Label Monsanto’s Roundup as Cancer Causing) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Claire Bernish