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Friday, February 28, 2020

Were in a Marxist Revolution

Where's Our Freedom of Speech, Reddit? (NSFW)


Diversity & Inclusion Is Burning Down Paris Right Now (NSFW)

CONFIRMED!! Indiana Jones was a Ped0 Spielberg Guilt by association NSFW)

Write Down the Vision | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.28.2020

From Russia with Love | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.27.2020

Frequency Of Truth | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.26.2020

MUST SEE!!! The Hidden Meaning Behind Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment (NSFW)

Hollywood: "NOTHING can impugn Steven Spielberg's reputation!"

Paul Romano: "Hold my Heartfullness Method..."

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Q Decode NXIVM - What MSM isn't Reporting

This crap is why CANST exists.

No One on Food Stamps Should Be Allowed to Vote

Breaking Your Will

Drip, Drip, Pieces Of The Puzzle Come Together, The Best Is Yet To Come ...

Did THEY Use INSURGENCY Tactics To Infiltrate Senior Positions?

Cults Are Labs for Controlling the General Public

Qanon February 22, 2020 - Prepare For the Storm

'The Five' reacts to Harvey Weinstein's conviction

CENSORED: Growing Up Deep State ---- Edited Re-Upload

They Hate Us


BANNED from Reddit for UPVOTES and COMMENTS on WRONGTHINK! Puritans say ...

Trump Compared To Nazis in History Class (NSFW)

David Arthur | Alphabet Man | 02.26.2020

Frequency Of Truth | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.26.2020

Reddit Is Banning Trump Supporters In Escalation Of Censorship (NSFW)

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Cracking Your Skull

This is AWESOME.

If you don't watch anything else today, WATCH THIS.

Cheese Pizza Confirmed (NSFW)

CHILDREN ARE NOT SEX TOYS...and if you do anything like that in my presence, you'll get a BROKEN HEAD.

Now that Bernie is the Frontrunner, Hollywood finally admitting the System is RIGGED (NSFW)


Oh, I've got a BIG SECRET...and you DON'T WANT TO KNOW - TRUST ME.

Coach Dave LIVE | 2.25.2020

Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.25.2020

Constitutional Sheriff | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.24.2020

The Personal Way of Fatherhood | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.24.2020

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Monolithic Conspiracy

One word: PROMIS.

Yep that's Big Mike Bloomberg dressed in a Spiderman Suit throwing up DEVIL'S HORNS (NSFW)

Taylor Swift tries to Man Up (NSFW)

Vic Mignogna Appeal FINALLY IN: Ron and Monica HAVE to AFRAID!

Big Mikey Bloombergs Hilariously bad debate Night part 1 (NSFW)

Mayor Midge 💅🏽 thought he could just pop out the black MasterCard and put that election on layaway; after all, "Those clever coons can do it; why can't I?!?"


It's called #LOGOS.

Blagojevich: I broke no laws, crossed no lines

He only went to jail because he didn't spread around the VIG like he was 'supposed to;...imagine that, in this day and age...

Mike Bloomberg Gets HUMILIATED at Dem Debate as Trump Rally Projects LAN...

Somali Community Leader Confirms IIlhan Omar Married Brother (NSFW)

Something tells me she can fit more D batteries in her mouth than Mayor Midget!

Hilarious Elizabeth Warren & Trumps Savage Big Mikey Bloomberg (NSFW)


Is that correct, Dana Schwartz?

I beg to differ.

More importantly, PULK begs to differ.

3 Crazy Memes (NSFW)


We Will Have Papa and Momma | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.20.2020

Coach Dave LIVE | 2.20.2020

David Arthur | Redeeming The Rainbow | 02.20.2020

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

World Pirate Radio News™ E Michael Jones Exclusive

There's no way to beat a REAL COMPUTER TECH, tools.

Prince Harry & Harry Stles Ex ‘Love Island’ host Caroline Flack's "horror movie" internal Life (NSFW)

The Price is Wrong, Drew (NSFW)


RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A few concerned viewers have contacted CBS 17 – saying they saw the Devil make a bid on “The Price is Right.” 
And they saw a demon serve Nick from “The Young & the Restless” a drink. 
You weren’t seeing things – it’s all a part of an ad campaign for the CBS show “Evil.” 
During “The Price is Right” clip, the demon has George on his name tag and bids 666. 
Nick asks the Devil for a strong drink during the quick clip that ran as the show came back from commercial break.
(CBS) all rights reserved
If you happened to catch these clips – you weren’t imagining things. 
The season finale of “Evil” airs this Thursday on CBS at 9 p.m.

Yes the Queen $trips Meghan & Harry of titles so they Can't Merch Up (NSFW)

The facade has begun its own induced demise...such a pity.

Kaitlin Bennett Attacked by NPC Lunatics at Ohio University (NSFW)

Two things of note:

Officers allowing such stupidity, their "excuse" offered as "not having advance notification"...I guess those FLASH MOB STORE THEFTS always call ahead of time! Just STUPID.

The gauntlet has also been dropped - "we don't want any discussion...well, with guys like KYLE JERK on your side, we know who wants the KEYS TO THE GULAG.

College Teaches White People Need To Die to Fight Climate Change (NSFW)

Drew Carey’s x-fiancée, Hollywood S-therapist/Megan Markle Lookalike thrown off 3rd story Balcony (NSFW)


Hey, Harv - how's that MANGINA? "g-D", my tuchis!

Pre-School Aide Amongst 14 Men Arrested In Sex Sting | Ohio | ������

Pornhub Scrambles To Cover Up Their Facilitation of Sexual Abuse to Mino...

GOD'S FAMILY POINTS THE WAY HOME | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.18.2020

Coach Dave LIVE | 2.18.2020

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David Arthur | Overhauling of Straight America Cont'd | 02.19.2020

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Sweet Children’s Fate | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.19.2020

FAT (and the Trans Agenda)

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

Gretel and Hazel FLOPS after WOKE Marketing, proving AGENDA DOES NOT SELL

Black Racist Kicks White Students Out Of Study Center (NSFW)


The 90% Truth

Roger Stone jury foreman was a far left wing activist

31 Arrested In Trafficking Sting | Stanislaus County, CA | ������

Tucker: Biden's cool sunglasses can't save him from himself

Corey made a good trailer but it's too little too late (NSFW)

Are You Okay With TRAITORS Occupying Our Government?

Here's one:
Is Lt. Col. Vindman CIA? 
The title question would seem to be just about the most obvious one that a person could raise, considering Alexander Vindman’s background, his associations, and his most recent behavior. The fact that hardly anyone seems to be making it is just one more reason, I believe, that he very likely is working for the CIA and has been throughout his military career. Actually, very much to his credit, Rush Limbaugh has observed that Vindman appears to be employed by people other than those in his chain of command. He just stops short of speculating as to who, exactly, that might be, like, say, the CIA. 
We’re talking about the Jewish Ukrainian American military officer in the middle of the ginned-up Adam Schiff-Nancy Pelosi-MSM impeachment inquiry. From all indications, he is the man who shared his supposed concerns about President Donald Trump’s July 25, 2019, telephone conversation with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky with the “whistleblower.” The latter person has been widely identified as the Yalie, CIA analyst, and Democratic Party partisan, 33-year-old Eric Ciaramella. On its face, Vindman would appear to be acting in an insubordinate fashion toward the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, of which he is a part. At the same time, if we have learned nothing more from the entire Russiagate fiasco, it is that the U.S. intelligence community, abetted by the Operation Mockingbird press, has been in a state of almost open revolt against Donald Trump for quite some time now. What could explain the man’s behavior better than that he is a part of that crowd? 
Taken at face value, Vindman’s actions would appear to be an absolute career killer. What incredible effrontery for a United States military officer to sneak around behind the back of the United States President, providing what should be considered classified information to said President’s obvious political enemy, to be leaked to the enemy press and the enemy Congress to put the President in the worst possible light! Even worse, the bad-light-shining is accomplished by mischaracterizing the core information being leaked. Yet, Vindman, this obvious careerist-to-the-core even followed up with a willing performance before the President’s chief Congressional antagonist, Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. 
If our government institutions and the lines of authority are all to be taken at face value, Vindman’s actions absolutely defy explanation. I think that I can say without fear of contradiction that this is not a man who is acting purely from principle, the cost to himself and his career bedamned. Rather, this is clearly a rather typical careerist who is acting according to where his bread is buttered, and he knows full well that it is not buttered in the conventional, straightforward manner. 
Unless things change rather radically in the country in the next few years, you can take it to the bank that there will be no cost to Vindman’s career, which, as I have indicated, there surely would be if Vindman’s real chain of command were what it would appear to be on paper. My guess is that it is more likely that his career will flourish. The reason for that is that being a member of the CIA would make him a member of the secret government, which, at this point in our history, is more powerful than the government that we see on the public organization chart. 
Why the CIA for Vindman? 
Let’s consider other reasons for my supposition other than the man’s odd recent behavior. In today’s United States, a military career is not held in very high esteem in the Jewish community. It would be much more attractive to the young Vindman and his family, however, if he were assured that he had a special inside track to advancement in the American halls of power through the cover of a military career. Up to now, that promise, if made, looks like it has come pretty close to having been kept, what with his White House job, his national prominence, and all. 
From the CIA’s perspective, Vindman’s multicultural background in an important strategic area brings a lot to the table. He is said to be fluent in both Ukrainian and Russian. Once they had recruited him as a covert operative, the next order of business would be finding an appropriate cover for him. Two of the most popular are State Department and private business. There’s nothing to prevent them from using military service, however. One would have to be extraordinarily naïve to believe that it is not done. With service in the military officer corps, as with State Department service, the CIA, in addition to cover, would gain the additional benefit of influence within the upper reaches of that organization. 
That latter purpose is widely on display. In my article, “Spooks on the Hill,” I have presented strong evidence that the halls of Congress are likely to be laced with CIA operatives in staff positions, if not in elected positions, themselves. If one were to look for likely current high-level elected officials on Langley’s payroll, one might start in Nebraska Senator and Yale product, Ben Sasse. Both his pedigree and his never-Trump-Republican policy positions virtually scream it out. If we’re looking for one who might have used military cover in the past, Arkansas’s ambitious Harvard Law School product and warmonger, Tom Cotton, would be high on my list. Among the current presidential candidates, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, with his rather curious military career and his fawning press, is the most likely candidate to be CIA. Of course, we already know that he was in Naval Intelligence, and might still be, for that matter. 
Of course, it goes without saying that the Clinton and Bush crime families are the virtual poster children for the CIA, going back to the Mena Airport drug-smuggling operation and beyond and as indicated by their press promotion and protection, depending upon the need of the moment.  It had been clear that what had been prepared for the country in 2016 was a choice between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump’s thwarting of those plans might well explain the press’s otherwise almost unexplainable extreme animus toward him.  This is certainly something that you are not going to hear from Rush Limbaugh or anyone at Fox News. 
As the Wikipedia Operation Mockingbird page indicates, the press has been virtually chockablock with CIA operatives, and, from all indications, still is. I have written about a very likely candidate in the person of another Yale Law School product, J.D. Vance, in my recent article, “Hillbilly Agent?” If my title question is answered affirmatively, he would have been another who used the military as cover, in his case, the Marines.
Now some of the few people who listened to Lt. Col. Vindman testify and respond to questions, might come to the conclusion that he really doesn’t sound smart enough to be a likely candidate for intelligence work. To those people, I offer just two words in response, “John Brennan.”
Here's another:
Eric Ciaramella Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography (CIA) Family & More 
Eric Ciaramella (born in 1986) is an American CIA Analyst from Prospect, (Connecticut, United States). He worked with both Obama and the Trump administration on the intelligence officer position. Furthermore, he was the former National Council Security Staffer. He concerned about the discussions between the Presidents of Ukraine and the United States. In addition to this, an investigation report of the Real Clear Investigations came into light on October 30, 2019. His information disclosed the political experts and websites like The Federalist and Washington Examiner. Matt Gaetz (Republican Congressman) shared the article link on the Twitter account. RCI cleared that Eric left the Security Council in mid-2017. He posted at the White House West Wing. 
However, he affected due to the negative news in the media. He came back to the CIA headquarters Langley, Virginia. As per the Federal Reports, he was at the Obama office as the certified democrat. 
Profile, Early Life & Parents
CIA Analyst, Eric Ciaramella was born in 1986 in the Prospect (age 33 years old, as in 2019). Still, no information recovered about his dad and mom from the internet sources. Both of them involved in their respective jobs in the government sectors. He has two siblings in his family. Furthermore, he completed initial studies at the Woodland Regional High School, Beacon Hills. He passed out from Chase Collegiate School, Waterbury.
On the other hand, he majored in Russian and East European Studies at Yale University. He went to Harvard University and focused on Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. 
Real Full Birth Name Eric Ciaramella.Nick name Eric. 
Profession CIA Analyst.Famous for His reports about President of USA and Ukraine meeting.Age (As of 2019) 33 years old.Date of Birth (DOB), Birthday 1986. 
Birthplace/Hometown Prospect, (Connecticut, United States). 
Nationality American.Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian) Straight. 
Gender Male. 
Ethnicity White Caucasian Race. 
Religion Christianity.Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Not available. 
House In Virginia, USA. 
Physical Statistics 
Height (Tall) Feet & Inches: 5' 8".Centimeters: 173 cm.Meters: 1.73 m. 
Weight Kilograms: 65 Kg.Pounds: 143 lbs. 
Shoe Size (UK) 8.Eye Color Brown.Hair Color Dark Brown. 
Parents Father: Name not available. 
Mother: Will Update Soon. 
Siblings Unknown. 
Personal Life Relationship
Marital Status Unmarried. 
Highest Qualification Majored in Russian and East European Studies from Yale University.School Woodland Regional High School, Beacon Hills.Alma Mater
  1. Chase Collegiate School.
  1. Yale University.
  1. Harvard University.
WealthNet worth (approx.) $100K-$110K USD.Salary, Income & Earnings $50K-$65K.  
Some Lesser Known Facts about Eric Ciaramella 
He has former ties with the associates of Obama.National Security Council staffer, Eric accused of leaking their information in the media.He placed in the World Bank after college.A report about Russia’s rephrasing economy published in 2011.In addition to this, he added his name to the great contributors’ list.He designated as the Consultant in Poverty Reduction/Economic Management in the financial institution.On the other hand, he listed as the guest in the 2016s lunch party with Italy’s Prime Minister.He observed his duties closely with Vice President Joe Biden.Moreover, he has secure connections with Alexander Chalupa (Researcher, Democratic National Committee).Eric Ciaramella receives a monthly salary cheque of $50K-$60K US Dollars.He researched on the EU and the Italian rural residents.Additionally, he protested against the Professor of Arabic Department at Yale University. 
He can quickly speak multiple languages like Ukrainian, Arabic, and Russian.

There are plenty more.

Why Alex couldn't sneak into the Bohemian Grove (NSFW)

Coach Dave Discusses Homosexuality on ABC News

Special Guest Russ Dizdar: Demonology Episode 2, Pass the Salt Live, Dec...

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Coach Dave LIVE | 2.13.2020

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David Arthur | Overhauling of Straight America Cont'd | 02.12.2020

David Arthur | Overhauling of Straight America Cont'd | 02.13.2020

Monday, February 10, 2020

"Operation Broken Arrow" Targets Online Predators | Georgia | ������

Gutfeld: That isn't the wind at Trump's back, it's a category 5 hurricane

i need feminism because compliments (NSFW)

This is really well done.




Charges Filed Against Nancy Pelosi (NSFW)

Am I Allowed to be a Bigot? | Coach Dave Live | 02-10-2020

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I Was(n’t) Kidding | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.10.2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

Trump Wins Again as Judge Throws Out Dem's Emoluments Lawsuit (NSFW)

This is a big one. It was also laughable on its face.

Emoluments?!? against Trump?!?

That's just STUPID.

You see, Trump is the difference between EARNING MONEY and MAKING MONEY.

If you aren't aware of the difference, then you can't even comprehend what Trump is save your "stupid orange hitler bad" for the mirror....or your safe space.

I didn't idly assign Trump the nomenclature of Prometheus...he made all of this possible.

Let me do YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR IN RETURN...because that's just the kind of guy I am.

I have it on pretty good authority that Donald John Trump may be involved in the TRANSAPOCALYPSE...but that's the price of being able to stand in front of the bright lights and not be immolated.

He took a hit for all of humanity - remember that.

I don't hate transgenders.
I don't hate gays.
I don't hate lesbians.
I don't hate bisexuals.

Now, there are those that prey upon children...AND THAT I WILL HAVE NO TRUCK WITH WHATSOEVER.


I think that's clear.

I wrote this a number of times previously, but let me reiterate for the guys in the back, peeking around:

President Donald John Trump has saved more children than every other administration combined.

Trump doesn't play that.

That's pretty much how all your elected officials are suborned.

The others, by dint of money, drugs or corruptible blackmail.


We also deserve AN HONEST MEDIA.

See, you all give Trump grief...but if I were President, the very day the news broke of Amy Robach's expose being shelved for THREE BLOODY YEARS, MEANING THAT YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN FOR THEMSELVES BEING PREYED UPON AND/OR CONTINUED TO BE PREYED UPON FOR AN ADDITIONAL THREE YEARS, I would have...



Of course, I would reverse any such edict, but to the exception of ALL EXECUTIVE STAFF - THEY ARE TO REPORT TO THE WHITE HOUSE, ALONG WITH THE EXECUTIVE STAFF OF CBS.


Trump delivers remarks at 'Opportunity Now' Summit

Amber Heard BUSTED! Said people will believe her because she's a woman!

Just a sample comment:

Husband beats wife: Loses all of his money in a divorce and husband goes to jail.

Wife beats husband: Loses all of his money in a divorce and husband goes to jail.

Courts Rule That Ex Wife Cannot Use Frozen Embryos She Stored With Now E...

The AGE OF LOGOS has arrived.

Merry Acquitmas! (NSFW)

Twitter should NOT decide what tweets you can see, send and reply to - I say we teach Jack Dorsey a little lesson and let's make #PILLSPELOSI trend!


I can say with conviction that this was a PLANNED SACRIFICE TO apollyon, the man with a VAGINA...and now we KNOW he isn't the only one.

I posit that William Jefferson Clinton performed a MAJOR PSYOP in which he sexually assaults numerous women - DCDave is the man to see about these stories - but I'm convinced that he, much like Harv, has NO DISCERNABLE MALE GENITALIA.

Guest Bill Federer | Coach Dave LIVE | 2.7.2020

I've run into a lot of SODOMITES on Coach's and Mike Heath's feeds...must be OVER THE TARGET.

Republicans Ramp Up Investigation On #CokeHead Hunter Biden! (NSFW)


The HUNTER has become the PREY.


Whoops - looks like YouTube pulled the old "copyright" horseshite...that's why BitChute exists:

Watch this - it's rife with profanities, but it's important that you detect the MULTI-PRONGED ATTACKS upon humanity:

  • the constant screed of "black versus white"
  • unnecessary profanities uttered simply for shock value and to be "kewl"
  • deception, as you are not informed that Gayle King and Lisa Leslie (sp) are BIOLOGICAL MALES
  • promotion of the (((media created))) "thug life"
  • the continued SAMBOIZATION of Black men
  • the conflation of Whites and Jews

Hmmm...what is that weird scent I smell? A hint of moldy feces, along with the amora of rot...smells a lot like FEAR.

FEAR that the JIG IS UP.

It's OVER - I've done the necessary research to bolster what I discovered BACK IN SECOND GRADE, and now I KNOW.

By the way...regarding Harv and his FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, this comment pertains to the famous scene in There's Something About Mary: "the "beans above the frank" line is AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION OF HEMAPHRODITE SEXUAL ORGANS."

Now that I'm nice and cheesed off, let me tell you how I saved my mom's soul from BURNING IN HELL.

Pizzagate "Carol Everett" Former Abortion Provider Speaks Youtube video

Trump Trifecta | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.7.2020

Thursday, February 6, 2020

WHY Did Epstein's Bank Accounts Come Back Online??!?! | Epstein Cover Up...

Jeffy Boy, you better stay hidden, because I've got my teeth in this, and I'm not stopping until I taste HYENA MEAT.

Over 500 Arrested In Human Trafficking Task Operation | L.A.County, CA |...

President Donald John Trump has SAVED MORE CHILDREN THAN EVERY OTHER ADMINISTRATION COMBINED...and that you can take to the bank and cash it, baby!

#CANST - Children Are NOT Sex Toys
#LBaC - Life Begins at Conception

Trump Breaks Lefties During Acquittal Press Conference w/ Naughty Word (NSFW)

Nancy Pelosi Claims Donald Trump Was Doped Up During State Of Union (NSFW)


Man Trafficked 20 Women In Parent's Basement | Long Island, NY | ������

New channel The Daily Traffick - check out their work, and spread this hashtag!

#CANST - Children Are NOT Sex Toys!


I've set up a Drop Space account!


There is no escaping it.

As it comes, let me give the STUPID out there some ideas of what NOT TO DO.



It's been reported that two attempts were made to access his hard drive...HOW DO YOU THINK HE CAN ASCERTAIN SUCH INFORMATION?!?


You take away YouTube, Facebook and Twitter from us? Well, we have MINDS, Gab, MeWe, Social Cross, BitChute, Steemit, and many others.

We are many.

We are mighty.


We will NOT STAND AND WATCH as UTTER NITWITS try to turn our great country into Zimbabwe.

We want Zimbabwe to be great, as well...but NOT TO THE DETRIMENT OF OUR GREAT NATION.



You freaks can just FUGEDABOUDIT.


FRANKENWEENIE - Starring Harvey Weinstein (NSFW)

Still haven't yet heard about this on TV...maybe by SLOW NEWS FRIDAY? After all, that's when this story broke last week.

Barnes & Noble, What Are You Doing?

People, do you understand the concept of PANDERING?!?

JoJo just asked for my help to Restore the Soul of the Country (NSFW)

Patrimony | Shield of Faith LIVE | 2.6.2020

Coach Dave LIVE | 2.6.2020

David & Vicki | TRANSforming Prayer ~ Day 31 | 01.31.2020

Revisionism Is The Restoring Of Truth To History

Bad moon rising: The truth behind a Holocaust hoax

Author Misha Defonseca often used to say that if she were in a
sinking boat with a dog and a human, she would rescue the dog
and toss the human overboard.

No doubt. Dogs aren’t sticklers for facts, and they hardly ever do
the kind of research that would expose a bestselling memoir of
the Holocaust as an international fraud.
That’s what happened last week when fact took down fiction and
Defonseca admitted that her book, “Misha: a Memoir of the
Holocaust Years,” which has been translated into 18 languages and
made into a feature film in France, was a hoax.
Defonseca’s story is a gripping World War II account that begins
when she is 7 years old and her parents, members of the Belgium
resistance, are arrested by the Nazis. Defonseca then sets out on a
five-year journey that takes her thousands of miles through war-torn
Europe as she searches for her parents. Along the way, she visits the
Warsaw Ghetto, travels for a while with a band of resistance fighters,
kills a German soldier and, oh yeah, hides in the forest with a
pack of wolves who adopt her as one of their own. The book was published in 1997, and from the beginning there were
some who questioned her story. But it was only over the past couple
months that Sharon Sergeant, a genealogist from Waltham, Mass.,
and two of her contacts in Europe dug through the records and
discovered that Defonseca had actually spent the war at a desk in a
small elementary school in Etterbeek, Belgium. They also found a
baptismal certificate that showed not only was this heroic story about a
child surviving against all odds a lie, Defonseca isn’t even Jewish. “The story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality,
my way of surviving,” Defonseca said in a statement to The Associated
Press last week. “I ask forgiveness to all who felt betrayed. I beg you
to put yourself in my place, of a 4-year-old girl who was very lost.”
It’s not clear yet if there will be much forgiveness for Defonseca,
simply because there are so many who do feel betrayed. Holocaust
historians, students and survivors not only feel angry and disappointed,
they worry about the possible fallout in a world where many continue
to insist that that death marches and concentration camps are a myth.
Meanwhile, writers and publishers are wincing at the potential effect
this latest literary hoax will have on readers who crave true accounts
and the book business that seems less and less capable of delivering them.
And Jane Daniel of Gloucester, the original publisher of “Misha,”
also has a story of betrayal to tell. Shortly after the book was published,
Defonsca and her co-author, Vera Lee, sued Daniel, claiming that she
kept royalties and hid the proceeds from international sales for
translations in offshore accounts. They also claimed that Daniel
didn’t do enough to market the book in the United States.
In 2000, a jury awarded Defonseca $7.5 million while Lee won
$3.3 million.A judge stepped in and found Daniel’s business practices
so egregious that she tripled the damages. Daniel, who has spent
the past eight years with a $33 million judgment hanging over her head
and no way to pay it, has always maintained that the facts of the case
do not support the complaint or the award. She now plans to head
back to court to have the judgment vacated.
A must-read Last summer, Daniel launched a blog called “Bestseller,” an online
real-time book that offers her behind-the-scenes account of how
“Misha” was written, published and promoted.
Daniel writes that she met Defonseca back in the ’90s while she
was doing some PR work for Jan Schlichtmann, the Beverly lawyer of
“A Civil Action” fame. One day, Schlichtmann happened to mention
that his brother had a business making commemorative videos from
family photos. He asked Daniel if she could help promote it.
Daniel decided the best place to start was with a client who had made
an unusual video. That led her to Defonseca, who had commissioned
a two-hour film tribute to her recently deceased dog, Jimmy.
Daniel recalls her first close-up impression of Defonseca on her blog. “Misha was a short, plump woman, somewhere in her 60s, with
pixie-cut platinum blond hair and icy blue eyes that glittered with
extraordinary intensity,”she writes. “She wore a dress patterned with
leopard spots and heavy Native American silver jewelry. Her eyes were
rimmed with startling yellow-green liner. Long glue-on nails, white,
tipped her fingers like claws.”
Over lunch, Defonseca told Daniel about her video but then began
an even more interesting story of how she was a Holocaust survivor.
When Daniel heard she had walked across Europe searching for her
parents and had spent time eating and sleeping with a pack of wolves,
she was sold.
Daniel had recently started a small publishing house called Mt. Ivy Press.
It was a one-woman show that had produced some cookbooks and
“a prurient but not hard-core tome, ‘Gigolos — The Secret Lives of
Men who Service Women.’”
When she heard Defonseca’s story, she immediately smelled not only a
book but a potential blockbuster. Defonseca has always said that she
never wanted to write the book, because the memories were too painful,
but that Daniel eventually talked her into it.
From the start nothing about the book was easy. Defonseca spoke
some English, but not enough to write her memoir. Daniel hired her
good friend and next-door neighbor, Lee, a former French professor
and chairman of the Romance Language Department at Boston College,
as a ghostwriter who would help translate Defonseca’s memories.
As the story began to take shape, there were more problems.
The three women all seemed to have different ideas of the direction
the book should take. Daniel wanted a straight narrative that would
offer a message of hope; Lee felt the book should be simple and geared
toward younger readers; and Defonseca wanted to include more about
her personal beliefs that animals were morally superior to human
beings. By the time the book was published in 1997, the disagreement
had turned ugly, and the lines were drawn for a legal battle. But along the way there were other concerns. Daniel sent the
manuscript out to several different Holocaust writers and scholars
hoping to score a couple blurbs for the back cover. And she did.
Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel — who has
written more than 40 books, including the seminal Holocaust memoir,
“Night” — took a look at Defonsca’s story and wrote back that he
found it “very moving.”
Leonard Zakim, who was then the executive director of the New
England Anti-Defamation League, described “Misha” as “A scary
‘must read’ for anyone interested in the Holocaust. Humans acted
‘like animals’ and animals acted ‘humanely.’ Her story is
heartwarming and bone-tingling, all the more so for being true.”
And the wolf experts, including Joni Soffron — who runs Wolf Hollow,
a park on Route 133 in Ipswich, Mass., that features a pack of wolves
that visitors can watch safely from the sidelines of a big backyard pen —
were also on board. Although documented accounts of wolves raising
human children were extremely rare, Defonsca’s account was consistent
with what the experts knew about wolf behavior.
But there were others who weren’t quite as enthusiastic. Yale
Professor Deborah Dwok, an expert on children and the Holocaust,
told Daniel the book was a fantasy filled with historical inaccuracies.
Lawrence Langer, a history professor at Simmons College, also felt
the book was contrived.
“She just happens to get into the Warsaw Ghetto right before it
burns down, but she doesn’t have a tattoo. And she manages to escape
over a wall. Why didn’t everybody escape over that wall? You can’t
publish it as factual,” Langer told Daniel.
Now that the book has been exposed as a hoax, everyone seems to
be asking why there wasn’t more fact checking. Why didn’t Daniel
question Defonseca harder?
Daniel’s good friend Kathleen Valentine, a fellow writer from
Gloucester, says you have to remember what it was like back in the
’90s when the book was being written.
“Jane was being told by all these local Jewish organizations that
Misha was a hero,” says Valentine. “There were a couple of authorities
who said they didn’t believe the story, but you had to weigh that in the
balance with everyone who did.” And, as Valentine points out, you
don’t question a Holocaust survivor.
“I believed her, and a lot of people believed her at the time,” says
Daniel, who has been spending this week racing between her
lawyers and television and radio reporters, all asking why the book
wasn’t better vetted.
Daniel also says it was impossible to do specific background checks
since Defonsaca claimed she didn’t know her real name or birth date —
information she said her parents kept from her in case she was
taken by the Nazis.
“I didn’t have a true name, a birthplace or a single person who knew
Misha,” says Daniel. And Daniel believes it wasn’t her job to check all the facts. “As
the publisher, I was not responsible for being the gatekeeper of the
truth,” she says, adding that Defonseca signed a standard publishing
contract with a clause that stipulated all statements in the book
would be true.
Daniel believes that the proper stage for vetting a book is the
marketplace. And although it took more than 10 years,
“Misha: A Memoir of the Holocaust Years,” did finally receive the
attention that ultimately revealed it as a fraud.
A beautiful story? Unfortunately, the truth about Defonseca came a little too late
for a lot of people. Soon as the book was published, it became a
bestseller in France and several other European countries. Late last year,
French film director Vera Belmont released her full-length film,
“Survivre avec les Loupes” based on Defonscea’s memoir. In Italy,
the story was made into an operetta.
A spokeswomen for Belmont said this week that Defonseca’s recent
confession wasn’t really that important.
“No matter if it’s true or not — (Belmont) believes it is, anyway —
she just thinks it’s a beautiful story,” she says.
Daniel also says the fact that the book is fiction doesn’t mean it’s not good. “I still think it’s a beautiful story,” she says. “It’s a classic story of
good against evil — the Nazis against a child. You have to separate the
message from the messenger.”
But the question of whether or not it’s true, particularly when it was
billed as the truth, matters a great deal to others. Peabody’s Sonia Weitz
survived five concentration camps and knows a little about Holocaust memoirs. Her book, “I Promised I Would Tell,” is her own personal
testimony. In 1981, Weitz founded the Holocaust Center of the
North Shore Jewish Federation in Peabody, Mass., where she
continues to educate people, particularly young people,
about the Holocaust.
When “Misha: A Memoir of the Holocaust Years” first came out,
Weitz says she was very excited about the book.
“Some of it was sort of unbelievable, but I’ve learned that unexpected
things did happen during the war,” she says. However, after hearing
last week that the book was a hoax, Weitz said she felt angry
and disappointed.
“It’s hurtful and it’s harmful to the history of the Holocaust,”
she says. Still, Weitz has reserved any judgment on Defonseca.
“Am I angry at her? I can’t really say that. I guess I think that
maybe there’s more to it,” says Weitz, who wants to know more
about Defonseca’s true story during the war.
Weitz does agree with Rabbi David Mayer of Temple Emanu-El in
Marblehead, who feels Defonseca’s deception will be used against
other Holocaust survivors who have told their stories.
“What bothers me most aside from the unconscionable disrespect
for those who perished is that it fuels the flames for the Holocaust
deniers,” says Meyer. “That makes it even more heinous.”
Weitz says that’s a problem Holocaust educators will face in the
wake of the Defonscea story. But her greatest concern is the hundreds
of young students at the Holocaust center. Defonseca’s book was a
great story that engaged young people and now, it’s just a fraud.
“She should have been a role model,” says Wietz. “Young people
will be very disappointed to hear it’s not true. The book should have
been worthy of their attention, and it’s not.”
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You only makes things worse when you try to HIDE TRUTH FROM MY EYES.

This is a screenshot of Jane Daniel's blog, BESTSELLER! The Book, which details her simple wish to promote what she believed at the time to be a gripping tale of perseverance against all odds...ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THE ENTIRE BLOODY STORY WAS AN ABJECT LIE.

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I'm not - when you look for Carl Cameron's 9/11 report for FOX, you will be told THAT IT DOESN'T least, not on FOX's archives...BUT NOTHING DISAPPEARS ON THE INTERNET.