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Monday, April 10, 2017


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The United States has concluded Russia knew in advance of Syria's chemical weapons attack last week, a senior U.S. official said Monday...

Where do I begin?!?

Screw it...if it's gonna be war, LET US WIN.

I have a mission for you all - look up Scott Gottlieb.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

GMO Foods, Glyphosate, Autism & Obesity - Stephanie Seneff

Published on Jul 7, 2016
Welcome to Episode #147, with Stephanie Seneff, PhD. This interview was filmed in May of 2015 for the Autism Intensive interview series.

I received so many positive emails about her discussion on the Autism Intensive that I wanted to repost the interview for free.

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--------------------------------------Key Takeaways----------------------------------

02:18 Glyphosate on Crops
03:05 Human Consumption of Glyphosate
04:35 History of Glyphosate
05:50 Glyphosate/Disease Correlations
06:38 Tracking Potential Causes of Autism
09:21 Gut Microbes and Glyphosate
10:13 New Glyphosate Product:
There are certain weeds that are coming that are so resistant, they just can't put enough glyphosate on there to kill them. This is a reason why the glyphosate is going up. Well, they’re saying, we’ve go to put another toxic chemical with that glyphosate to kill the weeds. 2,4-D is a component of agent orange. It's a regulated herbicide. It’s supposed to be much more toxic than glyphosate.
11:18 Testing/Studying Toxins in Humans (Long Term)
Seralini did a study. He studied rats over the entire lifespan. Three months things look pretty good. Four months start to see problems. Whole lifespan you get early death. You get mammary tumors. You get liver and kidney damage. You get reproductive problems. All these things show up after three months.
13:31 Oxalic Acid and Kidney Function
15:51 Preventing Glyphosate Exposure
19:32 Diseases Linked to Glyphosate Exposure
20:13 Bone Health and Glyphosate
22:01 Obesity, Toxins and Glyphosate
28:32 Glyphosate and the Gut Microbiome
30:34 Confined Animal Feeding Operations and Antibiotics
32:11 Glyposate and Gut Permeability (Leaky Gut)
36:24 Glyphosate and Methylation (MTHFR)
38:15 Folic Acid, Folate and GMO Foods
49:48 Estrogen Disruption and Glyphosate

Monday, April 3, 2017

Autism State Of The Union 2017 (Full Documentary)

ublished on Jan 14, 2017
"Autism: State of the Nation" is a new film by Tim Kelly that highlights Autism, the potential causes, impacts on society and scientific advancements helping to cure Autism. In order to find a cure, it may be helpful to know the cause. This film focuses on that issue.
Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) has become an epidemic in America. 1 in every 68 Children born are affected with Autism.
After producing a Video to celebrate The Timothy’ School’’s 50Th Anniversary, the filmmaker was inspired to further understand the potential cause (s) of Autism Spectrum Disorder.
This documentary film explores the usual suspects like Vaccines and takes a surprise turn towards GMO’s, the Global Food Supply, Glyphosate (Roundup) and Governmental Policy. This Film aims to educate and get to the truth. Please share and get the word out.

Special Thank You to:

Autism One
Autism Speaks
Stephanie Seneff
Robyn O’Brien
Zen Honeycutt
Thierry Vrain
Anthony Samsel
Wendy Myers
Dr. Mercola
MaryAnn Williamson
Robert DeNiro
Zac Bush, M.D.
Jenny McCarthy
Donald Trump
The Timothy School
Dr. Robert Naseef
All Of The Parents Who have the courage to deal with this.