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Monday, December 30, 2019

David Wilcock 2020 Exclusive: The Interview You've Been Waiting For! [Pa...

Spacey in yo Facey (NSFW)

Q: The 'Silent' War Continues

An interesting Q drop

The "Silent" War Continues
29 Dec 2019 - 10:06:19 AM
If Russia didn't [hack] the DNC (insider breach)…..
& US INTEL supported Russia [breach] claim……
What does that tell you?
[Mueller][impeachment] all meant to 'slowdelayprevent' the exposure [& prosecution] of their crimes.
Will new articles of impeachment be 'continually' drafted in effort to hold as ammunition to prevent Senate hearings re: [D] party corruption?
Moves & countermoves.
The 'silent' war continues.

Remember my post on Seth Rich? Yep.

Watch on #Periscope: VfB Busts The (((synagogue of Satan))) 👿🎤🍕💊💸🍭🧸👶🏼

Okay - this is probably the most controversial podcast I've ever done.

NOT "Jewish"; the (((synagogue of satan)))

The real Jews have been made CUTOUTS for the (((synagogue of satan))) - they perform their brazen crimes, leaving innocent Jews holding the empty bag.

Yes, there's an URL attached - don't SHOOT THE MESSENGER.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwaanza and a very Happy New Year to you all!

P.S. Charlie passed away this morning.

HealthMasters Christmas Show

Show Description:

Must listen!

Ok - this show is probably the clearest most succinct show that I have done concerning the following topics. It is a must listen high energy show! It ties these topics together!

The Multidimensional fractal universe.

What is the purpose of black magic?

Why is there an atavistic hatred of Christ?

Who are the four horseman of banking?

Who owns the world? What is Babylonian money magic?

What is the threshold at CERN?

What is the Veil?

How does The Blood of Christ save us?

How is Jesus the Passover Lamb of God?

What does it really do when you accept Christ?

How should Christians live?

Why have contemporary churches many times removed the Blood of Christ songs?

Are they preaching the real Jesus?

What is an inter-dimensional interface?

Why is the third temple being rebuilt?

Yes this is that show! A lot of new information. This is a high energy must listen broadcast!

Hosts: Ted & Austin Broer

I Can Feel it in the Air | Coach Dave Live | 12-30-19

I Can Feel it in the Air | Coach Dave Live | 12-30-19
“Now is the time to tighten your belt and earn your meal money.” Said Coach.  “I won’t walk into a church where it says ‘no weapons.’”  The Huddle considered the recent church shooting in Texas.  “Somethin going on,” Said Coach.  “I can feel it.”
2020 is right around the corner.  It is time to reclaim the House of God.  We need to go to our pastors and find out where the church is on gun control.  “The pulpits are destroying us.” Declared Coach.
Coach shared an image entitled, “The year is 1915 – Just one hundred years ago.”  See the link below.  Coach announced Salt and Light Brigade actions upcoming.  January 15 and January 20 are the dates.  Go to the events link on
“We are entering into an eleven-month period in American history that is going to be unbelievable.” Said Coach.  He threw up a page full of Bible verses pertaining to sodomy.  See it in the links below.
The Huddle discussed winning the war we are in.  Coach said that he believes we are going to win.  “The trumpet blast from the pulpits in our land needs to be certain.” Observed Coach.
“You are going to have to pick a side.” Said Coach.  “I am almost done with the word ‘evangelical.’” Promised Coach.  “I’m not into friendship evangelism.  I’m into the truth.”  Angels are not girls.  They are men … protectors.
Robert Klous shared from his devotional, “Finders, Keepers:  Finders of Truth, Keepers of Faith.”
“I want to go down standing up.” Said Coach.  “I don’t want to be sucked out of here like a vacuum cleaner.”
The Huddle takes up the question, “What happens if there’s no internet for twenty-four hours?”
Pass the Salt!
Contact Coach at
Support Coach at
Bible Verses:

Articles/Web Sites:

Videos: may be thinking, "Oh - I thought YOU were a free-thinking individual. You're shackled by RELIGION."

Not a chance. I freely think the way I do.

Let me show you what the ARBITERS OF TRUTH, YouTube, think about Coach Dave's show:

David Arthur | Special Guest | 12.30.2019


Trump Outs Nancy Pelosi's Son Selling Influence To Energy Company (NSFW)

Jesse Watters 0wN$ "Wrong Juan" Williams

Monday, December 23, 2019

They're Coming For The Kids!

Mystery Solved Good Humour behind international 'girl lover'Ped0 Symbol ...

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Get to a live person fastest: Calling the Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream number above should go right to a real human being

Propaganda and The Cathedral - Speaking with Devon Stack of Black Pilled

Coach Dave LIVE | 12.23.2019

Rise Of Skywalker Box Office Disappointing | Keeps Adjusting Down!

Save your money for ORBITER.

The Emotional Universe | Shield of Faith LIVE | 12.23.2019

Brittany Murphy had 10 different toxic heavy metals as much as 9 times a...

Indictments Incoming? S-o-R-o-s-y or Brennan?

The Porn Debate: E. Michael Jones vs. Styxhexenhammer666 #Killstream MIRROR

Friday, December 20, 2019

S&M Executive

Pete Townsend of The Who Is A Transgendered Woman (The WHAT?)

Pete is a CHICK:
Hey, Pete - Where's WALDO?!?
Jeff Blehar <> (24.02.2000)
And you accuse ME of having bizarre biases! Well we're all entitled to some (and I can certainly understand where I might have quite a few), but I simply adore Empty Glass and my favorite songs are probably the two which you pointedly knocked. Strange...first of all, let me tell you why I don't think this album is overrated. It's very, very special in terms of its mood, melodies, and lyricism. I can't really think of anything else in my collection that sounds quite like it - I mean, I've got lots of albums that get one aspect down, be it the confessional part, or the melodic part, but nothing that combines them all. And what Empty Glass has that can never really be adequately expressed in a review is an indescribable air, a sheen of beauty...I dunno, some sort of brilliant class. I can try to describe it (and I will), but I don't think I can do justice to it; it's something like a drunk's one shining burst of lucidity. A man at the psychological bottoming-out of his life (as Townshend was at this point in time) granted a moment of peaceful serenity and clarity to analyze, criticize, and (most poignantly, and most observantly as well) celebrate. It's really a beautiful album through and through, from the rockers to the ballads, and while in some completely cold sense I can understand the differentiations you made in song types, I don't really notice that. I just hear one of the finest lyricists in rock and roll history taking the knife to every aspect of his life and revealing both the good and the bad. And that he does both is SO important; just as a purely celebratory album would feel phony and insincere, a purely self-flagellating album would also simply be too monochromatic and (what's more) would fail to do justice to Townshend himself. In fact, that's what did The Who By Numbers in at the final consideration (and I too see obvious parallels): it was unrelievedly dreary, with no mention of the spirituality which always buoyed Townshend.
So anyway, Empty Glass has this indescribable class, this spirit of simultaneous recrimination and celebration coupled with a sleek instrumental sound that renders it really indelible in my mind. The rockers don't sound like "rockers," the ballads don't sound like "ballads," it all just sounds like "Pete Townshend," if that makes any sense to anyone. It's one of those albums that, despite its mass market, hits you square in the heart in a way little else does. I remember when I first bought this CD putting it on in the car and getting this strange feeling of intimacy and fulfillment, as if I was slightly richer for hearing this disc and that it was something special that could be mine and mine alone: a public statement that can lend private meanings to its listeners. But that's all just personal reminiscence and general discussion; I mention it only because I know others who have felt exactly the same way. As far as the songs go, I won't even try to say that EVERY song is absolutely smashing, "Cat's In The Cupboard" being one that does particularly little for me. But there's really so much that's brilliant and uplifting, even when it's ostensibly dragging you down in the mud of Townshend's misery. "I Am An Animal" is absolutely the farthest thing from an "uninspired ballad," rather it's an exquisitely melodic and lyrical triumph. Built around beautifully delicate piano and a naked confession, it alternates between "hot" verses and "cold" choruses, until about halfway through, whereupon those categories revise themselves further. And "Empty Glass" is really, really powerful. And EXTREMELY memorable, be it in either the completely unnecessary reference to the Book of Ecclesiastes and the furiously driven single-note opening which drips self-loathing to those fragile choruses, it just reeks highlights. And although this is much more apparent on the demo version included as a bonus track on Who Are You (get that album, it's underrated!), it caps itself in one last (very memorable) sickening twist: Townshend takes the uplifting handclap syncopated rhythm from the coda of "Pure And Easy" (remember that one?) and grafts it onto the bleakly drained exhortation to "don't worry, smile and dance/you just can't work life out/don't let the mood entrance you/take the wine and shout!" It's a surprisingly nihilistic statement of resignation dressed up as a cheer, and the fact that he saw fit to include the song three years after it was originally written (1977) should say something. I won't bother commenting on the rest of songs (among which the pisstake on rock criticism "Jools And Jim," is probably my favorite - the FIRST anti-Rolling Stone song! Yeah!), if only because I think it'd just be superfluous. Suffice it to say that I'd run across a desert to give this a 10/10, despite any weaknesses in its component songs, because the whole is so indescribably essential. Oh, and here's a wacky tidbit of info to deflate some of seriousness of this comment: did you know that this album was written and recorded during a phase in Townshend's career when he was convinced he was a woman trapped in a man's body? No shit. NOW look at the song titles and lyrics again, and see if you can't find some shocking subtexts! You know what part of the body an "empty glass" is a metaphor for, yes? (This is from HIS mouth, not mine, no joke!) And the lyrics to "And I Moved" and "Rough Boys" can be seen in a whole new light. Why do you think in "I Am A Animal" he deems himself to be "queen of the fucking universe?" Strange perhaps, but strangely brilliant nevertheless.

Millennial Women Are Closing The Infidelity Gap At An Alarming Rate!


Trump Not Technically Impeached If Nancy Doesn't Pass to Senate! (NSFW)


What are you Doing Now? | Coach Dave Live | 12-20-19

The EXPOSE OF THE CENTURY is still being formed...

Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Ominous title...but I can BACK IT UP.

First, fire up my latest Periscope (NSFW!!!):

Next, check out this blog:

Here's the teaser:
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” William Colby, former Director of the CIA

From JSF:

The grove, as it turns out, appears to be for the laborers. What I have here is the upgrade, that includes f*** rooms inside Molech's head, in an absolutely private and pristine setting that is nearly unapproachable and was only reached with a fair amount of work.

By the way, this place can, like the grove, have flames come out of the ground plus a place for hangings plus an obvious ritual tower and it's a really spooky molech which clearly has F*** rooms behind the eyes. Additionally the place is suitable for child hunts, no child would ever get out of those woods and the entire main theme is "weaving spiders come out at night."


This particular post is going to be worth alerting David Icke, Alex, and everyone else over. It is totally new stuff, and another Grove and Epstein's island all rolled into one.

First of all, context.

These photos were taken with one of the world's most powerful cameras and this particular shot, which was the only way to get the molech face was taken from a mountain that was about a kilometer away. I have others that were taken right on the boundary but for what we are dealing with here, this was the only way to get what this really is to show. it's a molech "convention center" with a weaving spider's roof. The actual size of this is about 20,000 square feet. In front of this is a 15 acre field that is perfectly open and showing Molech perfectly (once you get past the fence). Embedded into the ground are numerous pipes that can shoot flames. The entire location is very luxurious with a full time groundskeeper and security who live in the home in the foreground that is about 200 yards away from the Molech. You can't tell any of this in this particular image because of the image depth compression that happens with a mega powerful lens. For example, the trees are old growth and have trunks 8 feet in diameter, and the tower is taller than them. You'll see how huge this all is in subsequent photos.

I actually have far greater detail than even the large image but the question becomes "how detailed does it really need to be, and how much bandwidth am I going to eat?" I settled on a meg a shot. 
This next item is pretty much the same thing as the first, with a little different framing and a cropped out example item to provide context for just how large this place is. The scaling is way off from what your perceptions would guess. The home in the foreground is about 200 yards closer and uphill from this temple (it is actually sitting higher than the base of this temple) and is approximately a 1500 square foot home. It's just buried in the trees (which are enormous old growth).

Well lookie here. Just like Epstein's "fantasy island" there's a pile of mattresses visible through a window. If you want to screw a kid in the eye of Molech under a great big spider web, this is obviously the place to do it. I wonder who books this place. just kidding. I don't "wonder". I have answers. Later with that, I want my dead man switch.

For context, here is the actual layout of the place.
Now that there's context, let's get on the ground around this place.

The entire place is set up so that if you are not familiar with it, you'd never know it was there. It is absolutely buried in the trees totally out in the wilderness, and the moloch area and large courtyard (it is about 15 - 20 acre courtyard) are completely obscured and can only be approached via a river that is flanked on both sides by 20 foot cliffs. These cliffs are buried in tall weeds and brush and are invisible until you almost step off. It would not be a death drop unless you starved to death with broken legs. High enough to break legs and be impossible for a kid to get over but not high enough to kill (most of the time.) It can be accessed by going a considerable distance downstream and walking up, or by coming down from upstream where security would easily see you and nail you.
This place is permanently staffed by people who live in auxiliary buildings and a house you can see in the aerial shot.

the natural looking barriers that are too good to be true are important to note, because there's no way you'd ever stumble across this place, it takes a purposeful effort to get to it. There's a gated road on the east side that attaches to the property (I'll show that later) but if you want to know what is in this place, that road is a no-go, nothing telling is visible and I don't think you'd want to be caught beyond the gate.
The entire place is surrounded by a cliff like this. You have to go down it AND UP it to get up to the level this temple sits at. However, there is in one spot an access from the courtyard with stairs that goes down into this "moat" which provided a way to get a shot of the courtyard. Even though you can look right into the courtyard, you can't see the temple from ANYWHERE along the moat because the trees and other obstacles are perfectly placed to block a view of the temple no matter where you look from, (from the other side of the fence.) It has perfect privacy.

Another detail is that if there's a kid hunt, no kid that manages to breach the fence is getting across that moat, NO WAY. Only, it does not look like an intentional moat, it all looks perfectly natural. It is Perfect.

Here is a look into the courtyard from the top of the steps that went into the moat. This is fenced and locked off from the moat but that is not showing in the photo.

One thing to point out here is that you can't see anything from the moat. The fence is right up against the moat also, you can't easily walk the edge and in the few places it is possible, no matter where you look from you can't see a thing despite the fact it looks like you ought to be able to in the aerial photo.
Oh, another thing to point out is that the place is set up for ceremonies much like what Alex talked about. If you look in the lower right hand corner of the courtyard pic, you can see a mound of rocks with a pipe sticking out. That shoots fire like in the molech video Alex got and a lot of these mounds are visible around the perimeter of the courtyard in the aerial shot.

The courtyard shot is pretty much the best that could be done during the day with security walking the place. About those other night time photos for later . . . . . well, I'll wait, this post is only a notification, as stated earlier.

But there's some other cool stuff, that will provide context. Here it is:

This is how nestled it is into it's private spot, way the hell out in the boonies. You'd never in a million years, from this spot, guess it has a moat and you can't just go to it. All of that is perfectly obscured. 

There is a scissor lift on the property. Take a look at the branding on it. What a laugh!

This is the nice peaceful "country road" that actually goes down to the place. Considering the place is staffed, it would not be wise to go down un-announced. One thing I did not point out is that it is obvious this place is designed to accomodate "parties" of 1000+ and it is obviously seasonally used. I have a pile of photos of this place and it all boils down to what should I post?
How about if I post a couple of ultimate close ups?

Gee. There's trees in there. Greta Thunberg would like that. Let's call this the Thunberg Hotel.

Actually, that's an important shot because you can clearly see the table and chairs, and put them in context for how large this temple is. also, look down below. There are portal windows with bars in them. Why don't all the windows have bars? Gosh. Why are they only on those small portal windows? Oh well, at least there's light down there.
I gotta say, I have never seen creepy like this, especially with those stacked up beds in the adjascent window. Yikes. They did those slit eyes with the drapes on purpose, don't try telling me that was happenstance.

I don't think this is where the finer accomodations are.

So how do you close after posting something like this? I GOT IT:
To those wrecking funding to this site, SURPRISE. And this only got posted because Claudia told me to, because you pissed her off too. BONUS: Yeah, I have the goods on the patrons of this place BUT WAIT, THERE IS MORE!

Now that I have delivered phase 1 on this promise, I might as well spew something else:

Too bad I'm not in the U.S. where people will care more, but I uncovered a ring of Jewish doctors that are murdering people in hospitals for ritual purposes and "expedient" purposes and have 9 of them photographed and tagged, PLUS the 3 hospitals they do it at. Wanna try me? Ha ha, well, maybe someone will do something about it down here, maybe not, but the tribe is the tribe don't ya know! Poke'em anywhere and they all scream. I won't be going to THOSE hospitals to get "care", HA, no way. That's in my dead man switch too.

Oh, dear:

Hospitals Sue Trump to Keep Negotiated Prices Secret

The administration wants to require hospitals to reveal the rates they privately negotiate with insurers for all sorts of procedures, amid the public outcry over surprise medical bills.

Coach Dave LIVE | 12.18.2019

Shield of Faith LIVE | 12.18.2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself Art Replaces Tape Banana Masterpiece (NSFW)

This requires some background info - to wit:

LGBTQ Singer Twerks in Thong Dress at Basketball Game (NSFW)

"Hey, VfB - it's cute that you figured out the integration between YouTube and Blogger...but we go to YouTube to watch stuff; we go to you to read stuff."

Well...DO YOU?!?


I'm not an utter prat, like the majority of Hollywood. They seem to ascribe to that MBA Theory of Business:

"A great business manager can run one business like any other business."
Any of you out there went running to the theatres to see Terminator: Dark Fate? No?

Why was that? heard about John Connor giving up his corpus to pay for his obesiance to the Patriarchy and introducing us to...the Lollipop Guild Reborn.

"I'm going to stand...and fight!"


Oh. Well, then - you were waiting to check out the fantastic new Charlie's Angels WOKE REBOOT...I mean, even producer/writer/director/Bosely Elizabeth Banks said:

“Look, people have to buy tickets to this movie, too. This movie has to make money,” Banks told the Herald SunIndieWire reported. “If this movie doesn’t make money it reinforces a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies.”
Say WHAT?!?

No one has to buy tickets to something that they don't wish to support - and there's no man worth his low-hanging fruit whom went to peruse this celluloid DUMPSTER FIRE.

Then we get some straight-up worship to Mammon:

“By the way, I’m happy for those characters to have box office success, but we need more women’s voices supported with money because that’s the power. The power is in the money,” Banks added.
Let me get you a quote from Adam Austin of Subverted Nation:

"Money is intended to be a lubrication for trade; not as a means to take advantage of others."
The last WOKE film to come out recently was No time To Die - an appropriate title, as the casting of Lashana Lynch as a replacement WOKE007, complete with the UTTER DEMASCULATION OF AGENT 007...JUST SEE IT FOR YOURSELVES.

If you haven't been regaled with my epic Periscope rant the other day...well, it's NSFW, but the invectives are quite sparse, and you need to hear my correlation between socialism and the DISNEY CORPORATION.
One thing i learned from the DISNEY CORPORATION is that when one brings bad news, one must have an accompanying piece of good news. Well, the good news is that some denizens of Hollywood are rousing from their zombie-like state, and realize that their role is TO ENTERTAIN US (regardless of their true role in destroying American society and morals).

Check out The Mandolorian - it looks like Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have singlehandedly retrieved the near-dead corpse of the LucasFilm franchise from a controlled demolition. Enjoy the "Baby Yoda" before it gets "WOKE".


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Trailer park entirely inhabited by paedophiles and sex offenders | 60 Mi...

Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring | 60 Minut...

How Sexual Perversion Like "Drag Queen Story Hour" Destroys Society

Pornography and Sexual Subversion - E. Michael Jones

Psy Ops Goes Mainstream (fixed audio)

Greta Thunberg - Man of the Year

Sacred Marriage and the Satanic Androgynes

The Psychology of Prince Andrew (NSFW)

Bunch O’Dummies (NSFW)

Friday, December 6, 2019

Media Uses Billy Dee Williams To Market Star Wars EPIC RANT! (NSFW)

Spiritual Reason Why Japan Rejects Western Style Globalism

Hillary Clinton Hacks Up Lung During Howard Stern Interview (NSFW)

Nancy Pelosi Goes Crazy While Announcing Articles of imPeachmint (NSFW)

Impeachment Coup: Countdown to Civil War?

Brilliant Overton Window Explanation

Coach Dave LIVE | 12.6.2019


Henry Cavill Defends Fans From Leading Journo's Questions

This guy is a class act. My hat's off to you, Henry.

The Rising of Prophets | Shield of Faith LIVE | 12.6.2019