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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Discover The Evils of Monsanto

Good morning, and Happy Hump Day!

Early November morning, I was greeted with a commercial for Monsanto on the News12 channel.

I don't know how much a commercial costs on that network, but it may be time to purchase one. I re-read my last posting, featuring an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, who articulately details the dangers of glyphosate to our well-beings and to that of our families and friends.

It's incredible to me how inserting the term "technology" into something utterly harmful can brainwash a civilization.

I worked with someone who kept mouthing the sound byte, "It's the wave of the future", every time GMOs came up. He refused any bit of research I sent his way, and he recently had a son. I wonder if his family is dealing with any difficulties due to his embracing the "future".

I implore you all to take some time and read the last posting. I've read and have done a lot of research into the dangers of GMOs, and sometimes, it's been harder than it should. A lot of the research is presented very dryly, and with unfamiliar terminologies and hard-to-obtain references. The interview goes right into the actions that glyphosate performs on flora and fauna, and it tellingly reveals that, like most of the so-called experimentation performed, there was only a three-month period allotted to gauge whether or not the compound posed a danger to humans.

Three months.

All research that has exceeded that three-month period has shown exactly the opposite - and that gives me cause to pose the question of whether this is INTENTIONAL.

More in a future posting - have a good day, dear readers.

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