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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Vincent Nunes Does NOT Have A Police Record! (R8 Re-Post)

Vincent Nunes Does NOT Have A Police Record!

I would like to begin this with a thank-you to Officer Cahill and his partner.
Now, I won't get into the specifics of our impromptu meeting, but what I will divulge is that I haven't a record in regards to the Police Department of New York City.
Nothing. Nada. Ziparoonie.
That is a badge of honour I will proudly wield.
I actually have a pretty good relationship with New York's Finest. Not coincidentally, I went to high school with a couple of classmates who became officers, and have now since retired with their families. I hope to see them soon - it's going to be a surprise (I did).
I'm thinking of writing to all of the fast food companies in regards to replacing their sugared products with stevia. I realize the article I wrote not too recently, Why Hizzoner's Sugary Drink Ban Is Simply A Money Grab For The Soda Companies, was a bit off-focus. The soft-drink ban seems only to affect movie theaters and truck stops - I was of the impression that supermarkets would no longer offer the larger sizes of drinks. Regardless, because of the obesity epidemic, we need to do something that actually addresses the problem (Having written this, I've tried a number of products - Starbucks drinks taste fine, but other beverages are using Truvia, which contains dextrose, and seems to give yet another horrible aftertaste - is it possible that some out there are trying to poison the idea of using stevia?).
At one time, it was mandated that all of our water had to be inundated with fluoride. It sounded like a great idea at the time, until studies revealed that the fluoride being used was a waste product from the production of aluminum, and that we were getting the opposite of the desired results. I mean, if there was any real concern with the well-being of the health of Americans, why not mandate that all faucets and fixtures have Brita filters added by default? (Of course, I don't mean to single out Brita - Culligan, Berkey, etc. - any companies' filters would be welcome.)
How about vitamin C?
I'm just thinking outside the box, here.
My nephew is on the borderline to becoming diabetic, and I wish to spare him any bit of the pain I've experienced. At the same time, television advertising bombards him daily with ads for this food and that drink, all containing either sugar or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), or aspartame and/or sucralose, unnatural compounds, to say the least.
I'd love to go to Burger King and grab a Whopper and a raspberry smoothie...but I can't do it. It isn't worth the risk.
I haven't had a Big Mac in a good while...but guess what? I'll live.
These companies are making profits hand over fist; and yet, they won't protect their consumer base.
When Morgan Spurlock was making Supersize Me, I'm fairly certain that he didn't really think he was putting his life and his health in jeopardy by maintaining a fast food only diet for 30 days.
Think about those who do this as a matter of course, without thinking.
I used to work for a fellow who had dirty water dogs every weekday, unless we were off-site. He seemed to be okay, but I haven't checked in on him lately.
So this is relatively straight-forward: do you agree with me that we can actually do something substantial in regards to the obesity epidemic, and remove the main cause of the obesity itself from our daily diets?
Should I embark on a letter writing campaign?
Would you all join me? I'll draft the letter, post it here; you can take it as it is and sign your name to it, or take whatever tickles your fancy and make it yours - it doesn't matter. The important part is doing something to help our children, our friends, our families and ourselves. Just think about not having to worry about the calorie count of your beverages.
Isn't that something that actually tackles the issue?
I await your responses, dear readers.

Update - 11/20/2014: I've wanted to talk about this for a very long time...especially since the non-actions following the events of September 11th, 2001.

What do I mean?

I'm talking about the fact that none of the people who should be penalized for their actions/inactions on that day have seen as much as a handcuff, much less a jail cell, complete with Bubba, the Love Partner. Conversely, individuals such as Colleen Rowley, Sibel Edmonds and many others are suffering for what is being termed as whistleblowing.

How is this possible?

In a world run by FOOLS, anything is possible.

We purport to being a nation of laws; yet, it seems that those same laws can be perverted to protect the guilty, and punishing the innocent.

This isn't sour grapes on my part. In our constitutional republic, no one is above any law.

Going after whistleblowers, and NOT the crimes they are alerting to everyone, only allows the guilty to continue their crimes.

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