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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Seeking Justice For John Giuca

Justice was not done today.

At 2:00 PM today at 320 Jay Street, Justice Danny Chun was to decide if falsely accused college student John Giuca was to be afforded a new trial, in the face of the many missteps of justice during his first trial.

As of this writing, John is headed back to jail, away from his family and friends and all others who know and love him.

My earlier piece on John, Justice For John Giuca, is the most read piece in my new blog run. I actually had readership in the thousands at one point, when the waterheads who bored hungry readers with their boring-ass diatribes and bean counter stories teamed together in their community bath house / bowl of egg drop soup and decided that I would be exiled from their island. Features of the site began to disappear, things like the Most Read Articles widget; then Recent Additions; it became apparent that, regardless of the fact that I had breathed new air into the deflated dirigible known as Room Eight, I was to be ejected from the cab.

I have made the error of not always knowing who the true players are. This happened in regards to my employment at a well-known medical facility. One of those present at my hiring never wanted me there, and was eventually able to engineer things so that I would have no choice but to refuse to be bullied into coddling the STUPID.

After a series of moves, I was again working the telephone help desk during the day shift. I can do Help Desk in my sleep, and once took 240 calls in one day. I have that documented. The contention came when I was told that, in addition to taking down the issue at hand, that I was also to write the requestor's name into the body of the ticket, because the lazy-ass supervisor, who could dress like Steve Harvey, but couldn't smell his shit, was too bloody retarded to click the mouse one extra time to take a look at to whom said ticket had been assigned.

I was tasked to add a description so that the issues could be properly resolved...but to have to add the name that's already present?!?

Kiss my ass in Macy's window.

I won't bore you with any more of those details, but suffice it to say that I wish this putz eternal ball cancer - I actually want his sack to hurt, even when it's GONE. After all, he was partly responsible, along with the rest of the Douche Crew, for the death of the shop steward. I'll save that story for another time; right now, John Giuca has the floor.

I was not present at the original trial. At the time, I had not ever heard of the Grid Kid Slaying; never heard of any Ghetto Mafia, and was not aware of John Giuca. At the time, people were probably still pretending to be unable to put on gloves and mimicking, "If it don't fit, just cut the bitch!" or some other bunch of stupid crap. I was mostly unaware of the name of the D.A. of Brooklyn, but that I had seen headshots accompanying articles on the Howard Beach debacle and other such high-profile cases.

Let's go forward to my Room Eight piece, A Mother's Day Story (this is re-posted after the piece). This detailed the meeting of Doreen Giuliano with journalist and naked hiker Christopher Ketcham, rainmaker John Kennedy O'Hara, and yours truly. Little did we know at the time what a long, strange trip this was going to be...

I've attended a number of the trials by now. However, April 20th, 2016, was supposed to be a different kind of day. John was supposed to be present, but some butterhead screwed things up, and he couldn't be present at the courtroom (even though the time had been pushed back and the trial set up for a bigger courtroom, as John has a huge amount of support from family and friends who know, as I do, that John is serving another man's sentence).

In my opinion, John would be released today, after the judge realized that multiple miscarriages of justice had occurred. Instead, he had actually planned to postpone this hearing, but upon hearing our collective groans, decided that the motion would be tried with John in absentia.

The prosecution had actually arranged to speak after Mark Bederow, John's new attorney, but Mark wisely requested that he speak after the prosecution attempted to justify their case.

We all listened as the nonsense began...and went on...and on...and on, until the lackey purportedly representing the People of Brooklyn finished with faux indignation that anyone would second-guess a verdict obtained by his office.

Then, Mark Bederow approached the microphone.

Mark proceeded, in short order, to put the lie to every bit of verbiage and oral garbage that had exited the prosecutor's stuttering mouth.He also did what I believed was the crowning achievement of his oration - he worked the facts of the case, and found precedent that clearly determined that John Giuca deserved a new trial, as the former trial had been tainted by prosecutorial misconduct.

Simply put, Assistant D.A. Anna Sigga Nicolazzi had, inadvertently or not (I'll leave my opinion out of it at this time) had performed a service for junkie stoolie John Avitto  by keeping him out of jail, when he was certain to have to serve a seven year prison sentence. Avitto, as you'll remember from the former piece, and from other articles, is the fellow who purported to have HEARD JOHN'S MUTE FATHER SPEAK.

I can't stress that enough.

Maybe he had nodded out to The Sixth Sense and was reliving it in a fever dream when he testified that the conversation had, in fact, occurred.

Here's where we are going to take a little trip of our the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in LA.

Jamie Scott Enyart was 15 at the time, and had obtained a press pass. He was able to obtain entrance into the campaign location, and was following the Democratic candidate Robert Francis Kennedy, brother of former president and victim of scumbaggery, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, through the venue. Following along right behind, and to the right of RFK, was rent-a-scumbag Thane Eugene Caesar. At some point, RFK came upon the crowd of well wishers, and a Palestinian, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.

Hey, SBS...your parents sure were out there with the names, huh? But, I digress.

SBS pulls out an eight shot revolver, and begins to level it at RFK, when Rafer Johnson and Rosey Greer grabbed at the thin would-be assassin, and wrestled him to a table; amazingly, the atheletes mentioned as to the difficulty they had holding him down.

Shots, however, had rung out, and RFK was prone, a clip-on tie firmly grasped in his hands.

That tie belonged to Thane Eugene Caesar.

While this was happening, Jamie Scott Enyart was clicking away with his camera.

I mentioned ass to how two atheletes were restraining SBS...but what were the LAPD doing?

They were confiscating Enyart's camera.

There's a totally unbelievable story that continues from here, but I'm writing this to simply tell you that I can say with absolute certainty that Thane Eugene Caesar is responsible for the murder of Robert Francis Kennedy, and that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was a mind-controlled decoy who was provided such a stupid motive, that it defies logic that no one else has put this together.

You see, I'm not lying, and if that stupid ass would be tempted into suing me, first of all, I don't have a pot to piss in.

Well, yes, I have a nicely beaten pan in which I make my nestled eggs, and other things...but not much else.

Also, if he were to do so, he would have to explain why his gun was drawn at the moment of RFK's death, and...why he no longer possesses said firearm, or as to whom it was given.

I don't think he wants to go there. Just stay wherever you are, scumbag. I've got your number.

I wrote all of that to tell you if I could piece together the truth of RFK's assassination, there's no way some little shit is going to be able to pull the wool over my eyes.

Learn to sleep with your back to the wall, because soon it's going to be a way of life.

Let's talk quickly about that idiot in the Bronx who thought it was a good idea to try to rape two women, and instead got his stupid head creased with a tire iron.

Reports indicate that he had been in and out of jail 19 times.

This, I assume, was during the time John has been in jail for someone else's murder.

How is that possible?


This fuckwit was plea bargained nineteen times.

First time, okay. Everyone makes a mistake. Of course, that didn't apply to John, right?

Second time...well, the courts are overcrowded...we have to think about the process...or some other such dopey platitudes.

Third you're just being capricious with the lives of us out here, trying to make it through our days.

Realize, of course, for this bloody bastard to be out on the streets, menacing women in their own apartments, means that he must have been plea bargained NINETEEN TIMES. Either that, or he had the Keystone Kops as prosecutors. He should have been another notch in the belt of the Booty Bandit; instead, he was trying to make his own version of Three's Company, with him as Larry; luckily, Jack Tripper came home and knocked another one out of the park with his tire iron.

I am truly disappointed with Justice Danny Chun's decision today...but not as much as his family, which continues to be fractured by our imperfect system of justice.

Innocent people should not be in jail.

The guilty should not get coddled; let them serve their time, so that we can live our lives.

John Giuca wastes the opportunities of what could have been his life as a prosecutor instead avoiding shivs and prison dope fiends.

Yes, if you didn't know, John was attending law school.

More's the pity.

Without further ado...

A Mother's Day Story

It was a cold winter night in January 2008 when my cell phone rang. "Meet me at Floyd’s around midnight", said political dissident John O'Hara, "something is up." Floyd’s is one of those late night bars on Atlantic Avenue where we, the conspirators, would meet.  We would launch a campaign that night to free a young man framed by the Brooklyn D.A., and serving a life sentence for a murder he did not commit.

At the stroke of midnight, O'Hara walks in with Doreen Giuliano, who after that night would become an international symbol for mothers of the wrongfully convicted.  Doreen's son, John Giuca, had been the subject of a high profile criminal case that the D.A.'s re-election was riding on a few years earlier.  Also at the meeting was magazine scribe Christopher Ketcham, who would break the story one year later in Vanity Fair, under the title "Mother Justice." It would be republished in magazines as far away as Japan, and become TV segments on Nightline and Good Morning America.

Sunday May 9th, 2010, on Mother’s Day, "On the Case with Paula Zahn" will have aired a one hour documentary about Giuca's trial.  Here's how it all started.

A newspaper reporter called O'Hara and told him a woman named Doreen Giuliano was looking for his phone number.   Doreen had read about O'Hara for years and was well aware of his opposition to the Brooklyn D.A. who had framed her son.  "Politics" she would say, "everybody keeps telling me that my son's conviction was about politics". 

Doreen didn't understand what her 22 year old son had to do with the D.A.'s re-election, but O'Hara did.  O'Hara had read Giuca's trial transcript prior to that nights meeting, and he saw all the red flags of a frame-up.  The case had no physical or forensic evidence, no eyewitnesses, just suspicious and contradictory testimony.  But it was Giuca's mother Doreen, whose actions we all knew would rock the courthouse.  On that cold winter night over two years ago we honestly didn't realize what a bombshell Christopher Ketcham's article in Vanity Fair would turn out to be.

Doreen's son, John Giuca, was convicted in the 2005 high profile murder trial of college football star Mark Fisher.  It was an election year, and the Fisher case became an albatross around Hynes’ neck as he faced a tough primary.  At Hynes’ bequest, the tabloids demonized Doreen's son as a ruthless "gang leader" who the D.A. called the leader of the "ghetto mafia".  The problem with that story was that young Giuca's criminal record consisted of a summons for jumping a turnstile - not exactly "gangster" material. 

Nevertheless, what Doreen did to free her son was what she wanted to tell O'Hara about that night.  The case against John Giuca was more than weak.  It stunk.  Three different prosecution witnesses gave three different stories about what happened the night of the Fisher murder.  One was the notorious jail house do-gooder who read about Giuca in the newspapers.  This career pedophile calls the D.A.'s office three weeks before the trial to say he overheard Giuca say some bad stuff; it turned out that such a conversation was impossible. Ultimately, what caught Doreen’s attention when the jury filed into the courtroom to deliver the guilty verdict was that all of the jurors were sheepishly hanging their heads.  All except one, Juror #8, a young Italian guy from Bensonhurst with a shaved head was smiling like he just accomplished something.  Seemed odd, said Doreen.  Than in the hallway she heard Juror #8 say the words that would lead to her son's exoneration, "I could sure go for a blunt."

Doreen would learn that Juror #8 turned out to be Jason Allo.  She kept him under surveillance for close to a year, learning his daily routine and observing where he hung out.  She transformed her appearance going to a gym and tanning salon so he wouldn't recognize her from the trial.  Then she rented an apartment a block from his house and wired it for sound.

“Wow”, I thought.

But it gets even better.

Doreen circled the block of the sting apartment on her bicycle for weeks in tight shorts and a push-up bra waiting to get Juror # 8's attention, finally hitting the jackpot.  Juror #8 was hanging out with his friends on their Bensonhurst corner when one of the guys  whistled at the petite blond.  Doreen slammed the brakes and started talking to the guys; from that point on Juror #8 would be known as Jason Allo, and Doreen Giuliano would be known as Dee Quinn.

Over the next six months Dee would lead a double life.  She would convince Allo she was a thirty something California girl new to Brooklyn, interning at the Innocence Project.  Allo took the bait, and Doreen's hope of getting Allo to admit on tape that he was smoking pot while serving as a juror on her son's case were becoming a reality.
Or so she thought.

What  Allo would admit on tape, over the following six months, turned out to be juror misconduct that was a little more serious than smoking herb.  Allo would admit that he lied to get on that jury.  He had a score to settle with Giuca.  It seems people Giuca knew had roughed up Allo's brother a few years earlier.  But there was more.  Juror #8 thought Giuca (pronounced Jew-ka) was a Jew." He lives in those big Jew houses" referring to the nine bedroom Ditmas Park Brooklyn home Giuca was raised in.   

Doreen had hit the jackpot in getting what she needed to overturn her son's conviction, according to attorney John O'Hara.  But there was more.  O'Hara knew that Doreen needed more than evidence to get Hynes high profile conviction reversed in the Brooklyn courthouse.

This time, she was going to need the press. When Christopher Ketcham got the assignment from Vanity Fair to write "Mother Justice," O'Hara realized Doreen was going to need a picture of her and Allo and together.  This posed a problem as months earlier Doreen had shut down the "sting" apartment in Bensonhurst.  Would Allo be angry that "Dee" had suddenly disappeared out of his life?  There was no getting around it; she had to face the person who schemed to put her son away for life once more.  Together, we hatched a plan.

It was a mild spring night in May of 2008 when Doreen convinced Allo to meet her at a bar in Downtown Brooklyn.  Doreen convinced Allo she had been back in California for a while, and now she had a new apartment in Brooklyn Heights.  Allo agreed to meet her at a bar in downtown Brooklyn, but he wouldn't say which one until they got together.  His emails to her indicated he was suspicious, "are you friend or foe?"

The rendezvous was set for a Friday night which meant the bar would be crowded.  This made Doreen comfortable.  You see, a book had come out about the Mark Fisher case titled "Hooked up for Murder" which had a picture of Doreen in the middle.  Did Allo, or one of his friends see it?  The plan was that Doreen would sit at the bar with Allo and O'Hara would take the picture.  Allo still had no idea that Christopher Ketcham was assigned to do a piece for Vanity Fair, and the picture was essential.  It had to be taken in public where Allo would have no expectation of privacy.  The bar was located on Smith Street and Baltic, a yuppie bar crowded with 20-somethings.  Since I am 6 feet and 4 inches weighing in at the higher end of the scale, it was my job to be in the perimeter, in case things got out of hand.  

O'Hara's job was to take the picture.  The place was typically crowded and when O'Hara got there it took him about fifteen minutes to get a seat next to Dee and Allo at the bar.  As planned, Dee had a camera sitting on the bar, and when she gave the signal to O'Hara, he wound up getting a lot more than pictures.

"Hey, aren't you the guy that’s always in the newspapers" was her opening line to O'Hara, "you’re the guy who’s into high profile cases". Before O'Hara could answer, Allo chimed in: "I was a juror on a high profile case". For the next twenty minutes, Allo would spill his guts about all the rules he broke to put away the young man, whose mother was sitting right next to him.  "I remember that case" O'Hara said, "it was in the newspapers a lot".  Allo would go on to brag to O'Hara about how he read two newspapers a day during the trial in defiance of the judges’ instructions.  "The Post covered it better than the Daily News" Allo said, even adding, "the jury should have been sequestered."  O'Hara clicked away snapping photographs of Doreen and Allo.  Those photos did not just make it into Vanity Fair; they made their way into hundreds of newspapers and magazines as far away as Japan.

Listening to Allo brag about how he wasn't going to "let the technicalities get in the way" of a guilty verdict made O'Hara cringe.  "Yep, 25 to life, I got no regrets," Allo said.  "Isn't he something" Doreen would say to O'Hara as he gave Doreen back the camera.  "He sure is" were O'Hara's parting words.

Sunday May 9th, 2010 was Mother's Day. "On the Case with Paula Zahn" has aired a one hour documentary that night into the Fisher case.

Meanwhile, young John Giuca still sits in prison for a murder he did not do.

Please visit for more information.

Update: A piece from Harry Siegel in the Daily News brings us the not-so-good news. My comments follow from Facebook (understand that my comments are in no way a reflection of Harry Siegel himself - I've met and have conversed with him):

I posted this before reading it.

This article is ASS.

Nowhere in the article does Siegel mention the procedural error that Mark Bederow cites that should have had John home to his family.

Honestly, if it weren't for Thompson's very telling quote at the end, I'd wipe with this article.
Thompson's quote is VERY in Enquirer-levels of telling.
You do the math. I got the third highest score on my regents exam in sophomore year, and my teacher was a ballbuster of immense proportions (I still have the marks on my sack), but he did one good thing - he sat me behind one of the most beautiful asses I ever come across in my life...and I've seen some fantastic ASS).

Is it at all possible that the Brooklyn D.A.'s office cannot realize how obvious it is that John Giuca is simply being held in jail because SOMEONE HAS TO BE JAILED FOR MARK FISHER'S MURDER, EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE RIGHT PERSON?!?
I know who you are, asshole. You're going to pay dearly for what you've done. 

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