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Friday, June 3, 2016

I Declare WAR!

Happy Friday, dear readers!

The profanity was part of the FB posting, just so you understand. This is not going to turn into the Potty Mouth Picture Show.

Rehab facility has accepted me for treatment for the next two weeks -  it's a wonderful facility and now I have my laptop, so I can clean up the spelling errors within).

You'll note (only if you are part of my FB family) that I was on a bit of a tear for the last couple of days...and then I disappeared rather abruptly last night.

I embarked on a Candy Crush marathon; waiting for lives to be replenished at Level 28. Will go back to a couple of levels (now 37!).

So, I awaken this morning, and I put on the Ted Broer show. Ted and his family runs - this is an ultra high-end nutrition and wellness company. Ted is 62 and totally kick-ASS!

So imagine my surprise when the show begins, and it sounds as if they are reading my postings of the last couple of days live!!!


What an affirmation that I am doing the right thing!!!

Here's the URL of the show in question:

Now, you could surmise that I'm utterly full of shite (one change I have made is using the actual invective instead of FCUK...people drop the F-bomb like girls drop a Beej - but that doesn't mean that a liberal use of the word 'shite' without the 'e' is warranted), but I have that posting archived and date stamped.

Anyone familiar with my work will actually gasp in astonishment - just imagine that the show you're hearing is the show as always performed by Ted and Austin Broer...but that the first fifteen minutes have been scripted by yours truly.

Here's some of that data:

Okay...are you ready for some information?

I currently write a blog regarding the dangers of GMOs,and while I haven't personally performed the experiments upon the FrankenFoods I strive to avoid, I can follow along on the research performed by the likes of Dr. Don Huber, Professor Stephanie Seneff​​, Anthony Samsel and others.

One of the methods used by their pesticides is chelation. Chelation works by binding with vitamins and nutrients so that organisms cannot absorb them.

(that means US, as well).
GMOs, simply by nature of this function, cannot possibly provide the same level of nutrition as conventional and/or organic crops.

There are a line of products that go by the designation BT, and they have been modified to create a toxin within their cells that explode the stomach of the insects that ingest them. Two problems with this:

1. Stomachs are stomachs. Why would one suppose that our stomachs aren't affected by the BT toxin? Traces have been found in human intestines;

2. These people cannot be serious is it that one would go in and change the functionality of a cell, and yet not expect that some functionality not directly related to said function to be affected?

Lastly, adaptation. Flora and fauna adapt, or they die.

We now have superweeds and superbugs.

Thanks, Monsanto.

(this was typed on an iPhone with huge sausage-like fingers, so i hope you appreciate this.)

To the scumbags and utter MOTHERFUCKERS of our world - I just want you to know that you are now irrevocably and throroughly FUCKED...and I mean porn-style, all orifices, money shot FUCKED!

I will NEVER GIVE UP on making our world a better place.


So, FUCK OFF right now to a coffin, get in that bitch, close the lid and nail it shut from the inside, or, rest assured, I will be there to take a hammer to your rotten skulls, and a 2x4 to your holes.


Feel that spiked glove across your cheek...that's the love tap before the fisting...and I don't use lube.

Update:  Here's a great blog - It Is What It Is - Dr. Rex

Just a teaser:

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