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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


From JSF:  

Scott's Miracle Grow developed a line of GMO grass for golf putting greens in the 90's, brought it to fruition in growing trials in the early 2000's, and then had a huge wind storm come through the test area and carry the seed for miles across the Snake River Canyon, into neighboring Oregon. There it has been found across a wide area, and it is threatening Oregon's grass seed industry.

Golf putting greens have a problem - the type of grass they use is not robust enough to keep out the invading grass from the rest of the golf course, so it is difficult to maintain them nicely. Scott's tried to overcome this problem by making a strain of putting green grass that was completely resistant to Round Up, so golf course owners could simply spray the putting greens with round up and be done with it.

PROBLEM: The genetic modifications turned it into a super grass that was not like the predecessor. It can overtake any natural grass and is completely resistant to round up. So efforts to eradicate it from the Oregon side of the Snake River Canyon have all failed miserably and it continues to spread in Oregon. Scotts has already spent $500 million trying to eradicate it from Oregon and has failed miserably, they can't wipe it out. This is a great case against GMOs.


Hey, everyone!

Thanks for coming by. PC was being bad, and posting otherwise is a PITA, so I've been on MINDS. I have tons of stuff posted there, and a great community of folks with various ideas as to how the world works, as Allan Weisbecker is wont to say.

Trump is in. No gloating from me. That's never been my thing. I'm a truth bomber, if anything. On MINDS, it's like being gifted a stealth bomber.

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