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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vincenzo's Crock Pot #15 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (R8 Re-Post)

Vincenzo's Crock Pot #15 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (Off-topic, but pertinent due to our current Ebola/Enterovirus D68 crisis

A man who produces something of value, or helps to keeps things that produce something of value working, are worth more and should be compensated more than one who just moves monies around. Banks are no longer "risking money"; indeed, if there's any risk, it's borne upon We The People.
I just want you to think about that.
You should read Philip Giraldi's article, Christmas in Connecticut.
This is the Crock Pot, so let's flavor this bad boy with some good helpings.
This is the last day on the Mayan calendar, but that never meant that it signified the end of existence. I like to think of this as an opportunity for a new beginning - it has been indicated that there are celestial alignments taking place; of course, this is the Winter Solstice.
I'm going to write something really controversial right now.
It was a good thing that George Walker Bush stole the election against Albert Gore in 2000.
What could I possibly mean by that?
I just watched a video compilation by Ryan Dawson, the producer of a number of films regarding the events of September 11th, 2001. I'm sure that many of you out there wonder why I just don't type "9/11" like everyone else does. Well, I don't believe that the tragedy and destruction visited upon us over 11 years ago should be relegated to a goddamn cutesy term like "9/11" or "Ground Zero", like we're referring to a day when we had a triple rainbow in the sky. It's much worse than that. It was the day that our government failed We The People:
  • It was the day after $2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS went missing from the Pentagon, yet no investigation into those missing funds has been forthcoming. Some would say that it's impossible to track because the attack that took out the Pentagon directly impacted the offices that provided for the accounting. That's a load. Dov Zackheim was in charge of those funds - you mean, he can't be be held accountable? Where's Columbo when you need him?
  • Let's go the the main narrative itself - that two commercial aircraft took out three buildings. It is laughable at best. Yet, this is the story they're sticking to. You have to understand - it's a slap in the face to anyone not blinded by a manufactured hate for brown-skinned Middle Easterners. Before them, it was the Russians, remember? Don't forget about the impromptu rave going on across the water.
  • Our wiretap system was compromised by a foreign nation, who then used said compromised system as an early warning for their drug traffickers, and further to blackmail our representatives (the ones not caught in honeytraps). This was a main component in Carl Cameron's four-part report on spying within the United States; of course, you may not have seen this report, since Abe Foxman nearly gave birth whining about it. It was erased from the FOX News archives. Of course, I have them.
  • FEMA was in New York City the night before - why does that remind me of BATF officials not being in the Murrah Building the day of its destruction, due to an unnamed investigation? Just as an aside, it's inconceivable that a truck bomb so far from the building could do what it was purported to have done.
  • The anthrax attacks, purported to have been committed by Muslims, was a psy-op of the lowest order. The conflation of America with Israel was clumsily performed; worse, the anthrax used was traced to Fort Detrick. The lab had been broken into by Lt. Col. Philip Zack, though the trail was led instead to Steven Hatfill, when the frameup of Dr. Asaad went awry. When the Hatfill frame failed, Bruce Ivins was made the patsy, who shortly then committed suicide. Dead men tell no tales; nor do they put the lie to bad frameups.
  • The seismic recordings at the Lamont-Doherty Observatory indicate readings far beyond what impacts from jetliners could produce. Why hasn't this gone any further?
  • Wait - how could I mention the anthrax attacks without mentioning that our representatives were warned to tak Cipro? Who warned them? Tim Osman? (Actually, it was Jerome Hauer.) 
I could go on and on, but I just wanted to mak a point of all of the avenues of exploration that have gone untouched. I mentioned Ryan's video - in it, you will see CNN's Piers Morgan arguing with former Minnesota governer and Conspiracy Theory's Jesse Ventura that there were never reports of the Saloman Building, also known as WTC Building Seven, collapsing before 5:20 PM.
CNN did it.
The BBC did it.
FOX did it.
CBS did it.
I have downloaded 42 gigabytes regarding all of the news occurring on September 11th, 2001. I've got it.
You know what's also mentioned? At 10:45 AM, there are reports of an explosion. It's never mentioned again. Was that supposed to be Flight 93? I can only speculate upon this point, and I'd rather deal with the facts of the situation.
But I do wish to speculate upon one point - that if Albert Gore were our President, rather than George Walker Bush, our nation would be worse off.
How can I say this?
George Walker Bush is a fool. But George Walker Bush is also a coward. That cowardice saved us from mutually assured destruction eleven years ago - destruction that would have come forth as a result of the bluster of a liar.
Albert Gore is a liar.
Albert Gore is lying about Anthropogenic Human-caused Global Warming (now alternating with "Climate Change", when appropriate).
Climategate has borne this out - Michael Mann, Phil Jones and their collaborators have gamed the system with their corrupted "peer review" circus which kept dissenting views from being posted in the climate journals and from the public.
And let's just apply some basic logic here - what does trading carbon credits have to do with improving carbon emissions? Do carbon emissions follow market share?
Furthermore, CO2 is an essential element necessary to the propogation of life on our planet. Plants require CO2, and in turn, provide O2 (oxygen) for us to breathe. This is why deforestation is utterly foolish. We could plant hemp, which would restore the viability and arability of the soil, and provide to us so much more than just pulp for paper.
It is my view that not only did Bush the Shrub steal the election, Gore threw the election.
He dove like Greg Louganis, baby!
The vote discrepancies alone should have mandated a recount - a real recount, not that dog-and-pony show we got. In return, I believe he was promised that he would be enriched by the scheme of saving the world from "global warming" .
That was quite a mouthful, huh?
Did you hear about Lord Monckton using the microphone of the delegate from Myanmar to tell all assembled that there is no basis for the claims of the IPCC for the last eighteen years. He was removed from the Doha conference, but there's no doubt that the gravy train of easy profits that they all planned to board has just ran out of steam.
Now of course, you're asking: what does this have to do with the events of September 11th, 2001?
I don't believe in an "inside job" when it comes to the events of September 11th; I do when it comes to the financial malfeasance that has the middle class of America poorer day by day. There were elements of our government who were aware of those events - there were a number of people warned not to fly on September 11th, notably Willie Brown and author of the Satanic Verses, Salman Rushdie.
I did state that Bush was a coward. His cowardice accounts for his photo-op at Booker Elementary School (where he mentions that he saw the first plane impact - an impossible feat that he mentioned twice, since that footage wasn't available until September 12, 2001 on broadcast and cable news). If he had any foreknowledge whatsoever of those events, he wanted nothing directly to do with them; instead, he put the lives of a number of children at risk, something that we now know is not above reproach - ask the families of the victims of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.
Considering Gore's collusion with the climate thieves, I posit that he would have had an active hand in the staging of the events of September 11th, and when things went wrong, like the WTC Twin Towers "collapsing" out of sequence; WTC 7 collapsing from nothing; the attack on the Pentagon failing to leave plane debris commesurate with a multi-ton aircraft, much as the crash of Flight 93; NORAD failing to properly account for the whearabouts of said flights; when all those things and more had gone wrong, he would have upped the ante and forced us over the edge of diplomacy.
Understand, of course, this is merely conjecture on my part. Just think, though - "Global warming" is a fallacy - the Earth goes through warming and cooling periods, and we could no more predict the weather ten years from now than we could ten days from now. If he was willing to stick with the script for that load of bollocks, what would he have done in the face of an attack on America?
Geez - it's a bit morbid in here - let's get ready for a brand new day.
The facility that was complicit in the lack of care and the eventual untimely death of the Kung-Fu Judge, the Honorable John L. Phillips, has been slapped with a class-action law suit - oh, happy day! Let justice prevail!
Congratulations to Steve Tefft for becoming Ink Master!
Best wishes to all my friends and their families this holiday season!
Best wishes also go out to all of you, dear readers! Let's start a brand new era of enlightenment - there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

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