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Friday, May 8, 2015

Get The Picture?

I met some of the people involved in MAMNYC a couple of days ago - I think the bioQUACKS are in deep trouble.

I have a great idea for them - they should appear at the UN with fruits and vegetables "malformed" by genetic engineering; for example, purple lemons, black oranges, blue lettuce...and so on. I hope they see this posting and take from it what works.

The images below are from - these will make the point much better than my words:

The last image calls for some discussion. I believe that most of us will test positive for glyphosate infection, so I wouldn't call for anyone to take this test, unless you have a lawsuit prepared. Rather, we need to determine a way to flush glyphosate and any other GMO-derived agents from our bodies.

I mentioned that I am suffering from an "incident" which had negatively affected my life for over THREE YEARS. What would be a better test to take would be a determination of the status of one's gut flora - from there we could determine the damage done to one's gastrointestinal tract. It would certainly provide me with some direction in regards to restoring my life back to a semblance of normalcy.

At any rate, let's think about May 23rd.

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