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Monday, September 1, 2014

Equivalence, The Big Lie Of GMOs

Have you ever visited Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Times Square?

If you have, you have experienced EQUIVALENCE.

Many people have been sighted taking photographs with the representations of celebrities. However, those are merely the EQUIVALENT of said celebrities.

I want for you to understand that the same has happened to genetically modified organisms.

Former President George Herebert Walker Bush was either deceived by the progenitors of GMOs, or he is in on the scheme, but one must recognize the fact that a patent can only apply to a DIFFERENCE in the creation being patented. In plainer terms, a GMO can't, by logic, be "equivalent" to organically or conventionally grown crops.

Let's get into a bit of science here.

An action causes an equal and opposite reaction. This is a bit of scientific fact, thus far.

This applies to genetic modification, as well.

One cannot instill a change in an organism without that change affecting said organism in unobvious ways.

One of the main "hallmarks" of GMOs is that they are modified to withstand massive amounts of company-owned herbicides.

Why is this a good thing in anyone's mind?

First, let's account for the mere presence of said pesticide in the soil. GMOs grow despite the presence of the pesticide, but understand that the one of the purposes of the pesticide is as a chelator, which means that beneficial compounds are sequestered away from organisms looking to utilize them.

What, then, is fueling the growth of the GMO, then?


It's a fair question to posit. I don't have the answer, at present.

The soil, itself, is destroyed, for purposes of propogation. Farmers have dropped millions of tons of pesticides upon their fields.

The organisms themselves exhibit lower concentrations of nutrients. This is something that should have been expected, and proably was, by true scientists.

If organisms are bred to enhance certain characteristics, other characteristics will then become less prevalent.

There are many ideas upon which to expand - I will need more time to properly expound upon said ideas. I would also appreciate input from others, be you scientists or interested parties. I am going to repost former Room Eight pieces that are germane to the issue of GMOs, and I hope to have information convicing you all to contact your representatives and let them know, in no uncertain terms, to say NO! to GMOs in our food supply.

Farmers should take a look at the expenditures one must make, and all of the restrictions that they are now subject to upon agreeing to plant GMOs in what was formerly their properties.

Those farms are now the future properties of the GMO proponents. If you commit one error, your fields are FORFEIT.

Read the agreements.

Is it really so "backwards" to have actual human beings paid a wage to keep your fields free of weeds?

The "Superweeds" are a direct result of non-scientists not understanding a simple word: ADAPTATION. The same goes for the new breed of insects immune to those pesticides.

The answer is NOT spraying more and worse toxins onto and into our soil.

The answer is to remove not only these toxins, but also, GMOs, from our land.

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