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Monday, September 1, 2014

Let's Just Label Non-GMOs! (R8 Re-Post)

Let's Just Label Non-GMOs!

Hey - we survived another apocalypse!
I did a posting in regards to Whole Foods Supermarket climbing in bed with Monsanto not too long ago; little did I realize that this wasn't just a late-night, drunken outcall - this liaison was fully sanctioned:
In this Infowars video, investigative reporters Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton uncover a massive corporate lie at Whole Foods. On camera, a Whole Foods executive admits the company sells masses of GMOs, just like every other store in America. And yet the company has a giant logo emblazoned on the side of its store, claiming, "NOTHING ARTIFICIAL, EVER."

GMOs are, of course, artificial. They are "engineered by man," not naturally created by nature. This makes the Whole Foods marketing claim false and misleading. Even fraudulent.

Whole Foods is lying to its own customers about GMO!
Wow. That's amazing. How could an entity, in good conscience, continue to call themselves "Whole Foods" and, at the same time, sell to you processed foods that contain GMOs, and even GMO corn itself?
Of course, "good conscience" has nothng whatsoever to do with BUSINESS.
When I read one of Jon Rappoport's many pieces on Proposition 37 and the gaming of the vote count last month, I was at a loss for words. More importantly, the labeling of GMOs, as Jon rightly points out, really avoids the true issue - the issue being that GMOs must be removed altogether from our food supply before they irrepairabally damage our ecosystem and bring an end to life on Earth as we know it.
At this point, I must remind you all of Monsanto's "terminator gene", which stops the process of germination in Monsanto crops. This feature may not be active in their current crops, but trust me - it is THERE. When you sign a contract with Monsanto, you agree to buy their seeds, so the process of replanting crops, rather than being the organic process that farmers have done ever since man became a sedentary creature, is now part of that contract. You have to buy thos seeds annualy - there is no replanting allowed.
What if you didn't want to buy more seeds next year?
Well, Monsanto can simply TURN OFF YOUR CROPS.
Think about the frightening amount of control Monsanto would have if they could do that to our entire growable food supply?
So, I watched that video at Natural News - oh, have I mentioned that you cannot watch this on YouTube? It seems that we have a bit of an orgy going down in that bedchamber. Did anyone remember to bring the condoms and the AstroGlide? screw it - let's just go bareback - I mean, what's the worst that can happen?

Maybe there should be some background music playing - you know, some really cheesy soundtrack playing just loud enough so that you don't hear the director screaming, "More ass! Arch that back!" in the background...but I digress.
We are being groomed to prepare for the inevitabiliity of GMOs in our food supply.
Well, you know what? FINE.
There's GMOs in our food supply - but we don't have to BUY THEM.
Why fight with labeling the crap that's BAD for us?
Let's just label the stuff that's GOOD FOR US.
I propose that the organic farmers, food cooperatives and the conventional farms who have thus far managed to avoid contamination of their crops, band together and make it absolutely apparent that their crops and products contain No GMOs.
With the sloppy daisy chain going on behind the scenes, it seems to me an utter waste of energy attempting to get the bastards to fess up; so instead, let's leave them in their squalor.
Let the companies and farms that offer to you and I, their clients, real, whole, healthy foods, and let's put our sticker of approval on them.
Let's wear our brand proudly.
When those FrankenFoods are left on the shelves, and their FrankenCrops rot in the bins, the scumbags will know that We The People have spoken - and that our voice is loud, indeed.


Submitted by Vincenzo (not verified) on Mon, 12/24/2012 - 5:13am.
Millions Spent Defeating Prop 37 - GMOs: Why They Don't Want Us To Know

Published on Nov 12, 2012
Howard Vlieger began studying GMO crops in 1994 and is fortunate to work with some of the lead scientists in the world on research projects involving GMO crops. The real life experience that he has from being a farmer and working with farmers all across the US gives him a unique perspective on GMOs. Howard has been giving presentations to educate people about GMOs for more than 6 years in 13 states.
Howard serves on the board of directors for the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and the Food Freedom Foundation.
Show Highlights:
Howard Vlieger and his organization Verity Farms have been researching the affects of genetically engineered crops on the soil, animals and humans since 1992. What they
have learned and see every day in 2012 is beyond spooky.
-The gut ecology is impaired when animals and humans consume GM organisms, at one tenth of a part per million
-BT Corn linked to poor conception rates, immune and digestive issues
-There are three top issues with genetic engineering of crops: the ecology of the soil, immune and digestive disruption and super weeds requiring more and more glyphosates.
-The birds and the bees are affected
-The story behind Roundup Ready Alfalfa, and it's not pretty
-These foreign proteins with GMO's are not digestible. Period
-Are you eating eggs fed GMO corn and Soy?
-The Germans are saying No to GMO's
-A strong immune system and our own garden are our best defense here.
-In 2010, 170 million acres of corn and soy were planted -- 92% GMO
-The Big Agriculture Companies get about 9 Billion Dollars per year in user fees alone from farmers using GMO seeds.
-Farmers and consumers are waking up to the dangers of GMO crops world wide
Please Support Organic and Non GMO Foods
Click on the link below for full interview

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