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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Off-Topic Post...Or Bloody Marys On A Sunday Sure Are Tasty

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, two and a half years after something utterly horrible happened to me.

Three months later, I was forced to do something that has haunted me for over two years.

Two days ago...the haunting ended.

I can't tell you how happy I am now...but my happiness is mitigated by the fact that there are still FrankenFoods out there.






The bees are being killed by their FrankenPoisons.

GMO crops are utterly devoid of nutrition.

To date, over 300,000 Indian (curry-in-a-hurry, not woo-woo) farmers have committed suicide over the non-gains from switching to GMO seeds.

Okay...maybe I haven't convinced you of anything...maybe those Indian farmers were just dopey; or bees are being "racist" against GMO plants...maybe you're drinking much more potent vodka than I am.

Here's the cement point for me (and should be, for you): TERMINATOR SEEDS.

Now, the name sounds great, doesn't it? Some bloody PR firm must have broken exactly 4 brain cells to come up with that.

When you first think "terminator seeds", one has to hearken back to the Governator's absolute best film, The Terminator. What's the most recognizable tagline?

"I'll be back."

Now, if one is attributing that to seeds...well, boy, did you FCUK up badly.

Terminator seeds are designed to do the ABSOLUTE BLOODY OPPOSITE; in other words, when you plant GMO crops, the seeds are only good for that planting. You have seeds left?





It's all in the agreement forms you signed. I'm fairly certain that the print is in single digit type.

Ever since man became sedentary and learned the art of farming, saving seeds has been a staple part of maintenance.

Not if you partner with the myriad of chemical companies that are behind the push for replacing our crops with GMOs.

You have to buy the seeds EACH AND EVERY YEAR.

That's more money out of your pockets, farmers.

Let's not mention the crap one must spray upon these FrankenCrops. What do you think it's doing to the soil?

Of course, these idiots have never come across a simple term: ADAPTATION.

Now, thanks to these FCUKwads, we now have SUPERbugs and SUPERweeds.

Seriously - there are weeds that can now break machinery.

Who's behind these very capricious decisions?

Chemical companies.

I still have a couple of BASF video tapes...why are they messing with our foods?

Dow - Agent Orange, right? Something doesn't taste right.

Pioneer - didn't they produce turntables and other audio equipment?

Now, I have some money saved, but I know I can't do this alone. So this is my call out to those interested in saving our world from the bastards and scumbags who think that a short-term investment will safeguard the well-being of their offspring are not even well-meaning idiots. They are the worst of humanity, because they can be cheaply bought and sold.

I can't be bought, because my most useful commodity is PRICELESS.

Life is like that.

See you all soon.

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